Card for Mum

Hello to anyone awake - its Jules here,

Hope you are well. I am ok, had a peaceful ay with no dramas (except for the Waltons on my TV which i love).

My mum has a brain injury, she lives in Gambia.

Mum is coming over to see me, arriving 28th September in UK.

I have one of those cards that state 'I am a Brain Injury Survivor' please help etc. I cant remember where i got mine from.

I would like to get one for my mum as she has big problems when shopping and the card would help her.

Can anyone tell me if i can get one for her and where i can get it ?


kind regards

Jules (and my Dalmation dog called 'Earsdon' who says hi )

feeling bit light headed, obviously !


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  • Surely Headway would arrange a card for you Jules. Maybe phone the helpline tomorrow ? 0808 800 2244.

    How lovely for you and your mum seeing each other again, but strange that you both have a brain injury ??

    Hope you're doing ok and not had any more 'funny turns'. Take care m'love.

    Best wishes ; Night night & sleep well, Cat xx

  • thanks for that Cat


  • Hi Jules,

    Sorry I can't help re the card, but thank you for posting about it - I think I could do with one. I stopped two buses at once tiday (quite an achievement) as they were travelling one behind the othe and I couldn't see the number onnthe first one very clearly - so waved it down. At the last minute I realised I didn't want to board it - so managed to attract the attention of the one behind and got it to stop (at the same bus stop) not sure what all the passengers on both buses thohht - but a card to show the drivers might of helped. Ok sure I'll be getting a reputation amongst local bus drivers soon. I'm glad to hear you've got a referral about yiur scrubbing brush issues :) great news. It's easy to add a smiley face to ur posts - just type a colon followed by a closed bracket symbol - and there u have it . Sad face is colon co lowed by open bracket symbol. Hope that helps :) ilm not doing radio listening tonihjy - I've given us and am using my phone to entertain myself /while away the lonely hours - I've given in. Hope You have a peaceful niht and a good day tomorrow xx

  • Hi Elenor,

    I think i would have stopped smiling by the time i forgot how you do that again. Might print off what you said and pin it to board so i can refer. Thanks.

    I dont use buses anymore, used them once since the crash (maybe a handful to and throw when i worked AT work), not now. I did exactly what you did, but never have been able to read the numbers on buses, bi or no bi ! I hate them because they are so mean, no time to think and dont dare loose concentration of where you are... and people pushing you and huffing as you try to get up the stairs because no seats and nearly fall down the stairs going up, then as you hurry to get off as the bus suddenly stops, starts. Because i do look like an extremely old lady yet, nobody even offers to get off the disabled seat, and its just 'wrong' to ask someone if they havent offered. Great fun. I smiled at someone and they looked straight through me so i said a swear word behind them ... naughty but rewarding.

    I dont understand about 'giving in to your phone, I have missed thepoint ?

    Yes the 'Brain Cards' as i call them have been a great help to me also in many situs - i will ring Headway for mum, thanks.

    Well, i have finished .... yes, i said FINISH my green (but now is a chocolate and mint) butterfly cupboard. Looking at it its more of a milk chocolate, when i had envisaged dark chocolate, mmm , nope i will try and move on . Looks ok, i think i will keep it, its useful. Thats the 3rd finished project i think in 2 years (2 years just gone in July I think). Feels ok.

    I ate last night, just some garlic bread with my husband, but thats a start too. Going to try again tonight with a salad. I seem to be off meats and anything greasy, unlike my husband !

    3rd positive thing today is i am up with the larks at 4 am, not late to bed. Fell asleep trying to brush all the knots out of my hair at about 1 am.

    Have a good day Elanor (no more chasing poor buses.



  • Hi Jules, I'm in agreement with you about buses. I use a stick and no one taking up the disabled spaces out of convenience has ever offered me their seat ! The trouble with travelling on them is you either need to know where you are going and be familiar with the route, with recognition and concentration skills or else sit close to the driver so they can call out your stop - not very independent ! I like to have the tools I need to allow me to be in control. Trains are much better organised, some with route maps , visual displays of stops coming up and vocal announcements. I'm not sure how expensive it would be to put such systems on board a bus but it could make the journey much less daunting for so many.

    Glad to hear you are eating a little - loads of vegetarian options out there to try if you are not a big meat fan, like myself. Don't forget dairy - especially cheese in all it's wonderful varieties : ) I am going to a Chinese buffet tonight with my son and his girlfriend - pick what you like style. Never been before so quite excited, hope they have some salad as I'm a big fan of that too - enjoy yours : )

    Angela x

    PS. Jess the labrador says woof to Earsdon - this is starting a trend ! : )) x

  • Hi :)

    Re giving in to my OT told me to try and avoid looking at tv or tablet or phone just before bedtime because the light they emit can 'wake up' your brain too much and make it harder to get to sleep. I can't watch tv's getting better now and I have watched a couple of programmes this month, but not all the way through. So in the middle of the night when I can't sleep - I try to have something lined up ready to listen to so I can just push a start button without starting to read through things to choose from and waking myself up too much. I've been avoiding using the phone to look at web sites (like this one) and social media Because the background is white and it's likely to stimulate your brain. I try to slip back into sleep with with radio on quietly and eyes shut. Sometimes it works, and most times it doesn't so I go through several programmes. so when I said 'giving in to my phone, I meant I was being tempted by using the phone. Sometimes it's the best thing - reading about other people in the same situation......makes life not quite so lonely. Have a good day x

  • Hi there Elanor

    I know why they say that, but i have been in some states mentally and a million miles from being able to sleep. A problem i see as 'not get overable'. Then I chat to someone here, and i am always far more at ease with 'me' and a possibility of sleep is far more likely.

    I dont suppose anyone with patients treating for a Bi would have experienced a Bi, or am i wrong ? I wish my previous GP had at times.

    'what a difference a day (with a good GP) makes ! \\All of my treatment eventually started after i changed GP.



  • You're completely right ........ If only they knew. Some people seem to 'get it' but some people ought to choose a different career path. It's like living in a no mans land, in between what I used to think was normal, and somewhere not quite like anything else I've had experience of. I feel like I don't fit in anymore.....anywhere. Happier to be in my own these days. Lack of sleep doesn't help but somewhow we get through it don't we? :) life is never dull.

  • its still a lonely place there thou isnt it


  • Eleanor, my vision is really blurry at distance so I have exactly the same problem - have often flagged the bus due just before the one I actually need. It is a bugbear when you can't discern the numbers on the front until it is almost on top of you and too late to flag it !

    I've been using the punctuation smileys forever, as I couldn't work out how to make a yellow one ! I have progressed from 2 to 5 lol ! : ) : ( : O ; ) : ))

    This does mean my emotions are a bit limited but who needs lots of emotions anyway, they just get in the way, lol : ))

    Here comes the famous signature smiley with a kiss ( or bowtie as I like to think of it ! )

    Angela : ) x

  • Hi Jules,

    Yes I got mine from Headway so give them a call. Have a great day. Nick Xx

  • Thanks Nik, will do



  • Got ours from Headway too and I understand that there is a much better one being produced. We had a look at it when we went to the Headway meeting.

  • Thanks , will dom that for mum today


  • Hi ya julels. I have no idea where you get them but I'm writing this Leo (my dog) says hi to earsdon. Also what on earth are you doing watching the waltons. I loved that as a kid but I watched it not long ago and omg . How depressing and horrid it is. I think no bi person should ever watch that. Tbh it's no wonder you have bad days watching that. That's self harming 😳xx

  • Hi Candy

    I used to go for a walk with my husband and 'Earsdon' down the Beehive' Road here,its lovely.

    Earsdon says hi to Leo too



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