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Hello everyone, Jules here.

I have been reading through the posts from my group of friends on the forum, I want to chat but wanted to update you as to what has been happening to me the last few days.

You were all right with your advice, I should have gone to A&E as when I went for the bloods the GP sent me to hospital.

I don't remember all of it, but I know they were all lovely with me. I had a really good M.O.T many tests and they did the ECG and the EEG ? (the head scan one), lots bloods, x-rayed my spine (I broke it in the crash I think I told you) and one of my ankles.

I was asleep for about 24 hours I don't remember them putting the drip in. Disorientated.

I don't know and cant remember the technical medical words, but the head scan showed nothing so they cant confirm a fit, but there is a problem with low blood pressure and slow heart beat which I have been referred to 'FASS' ? its a place that straps you to tables and monitors blood and heart as the table turns. 'FASS' is within a Falls department of the local hospital here, the RVI hospital. I am going there on Tuesday.

They say I have been unconscious when i thought i had just fallen when i fell asleep. Because on one occasion i banged my head they were concerned i had a bleed on the brain, which is why they moved so quickly I suppose.

They said I will probably continue to suffer these and i just have to wait until i go to FASS. Unless its a different type of fit i have to then go straight to A&E. How Ren will tell the difference i don't Know !

Anyway, the appointment is only a day or two away.

Since i have been home I have had one turn, but Ren put me on the ground as soon as i started going down and after a few moments i was ok, just disorientated. Nothing since.

Sorry to have worried you all, but so so grateful you were there for me telling me what i should have listened to.

Most kind regards



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Thank god you went in. I'm so so happy. When you weren't on here I assumed you had taken yourself off. Thank goodness they did all them tests and are doing more so soon. This could be worked out and treated to get you back on track. I'm glad you are ok ish well asked for help xxx

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Nice to know you are feeling a little less worried and hope this next set of tests only find good news for you. Good luck with them. Take care. X

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A case of bad things happening for a reason ; warnings I suppose, and I'm so glad you heeded them.

Lets hope any MOT fails can be easily fixed so we can have our lovely friend Jules back & getting up to all the old mischief !

Poor Ren ; he must've had a pretty anxious time seeing you so incapacitated, but now fingers crossed for a swift diagnosis and treatment.

Take care m'love ................... all best wishes, Cat xx


So good to hear from you, Jules ( relieved ! )

What are horribly scary time for you and Ren but good to hear they are being thorough with tests. Hang in there, we are all thinking of you, Angela x

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Hello Jules, we all missed your presence and am glad that you have returned home. It must be a relief for you and Ren to understand what may have been causing your black outs. Take care. Claire xx


Hi Jules

So glad to hear that you are getting seen to and hopefully will get sorted soon.

Love n hugs and have a peaceful and restful weekend.



I am also so glad you went and got this checked out. I hope anything that shows up is easily treated. Take care



I hope you get to the bottom of this soon.

Big hugs from me and take care



Glad you went to seek more advice and hope you get definitive diagnosis and treatment. ☺


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