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Letters & Words

Hello family,

Just Jules here.

I cant understand something and my head will not rest with it.

I sometimes try and make new words out of the letters of another (i forget what you call it when you do that). I know its good for my brain exercise.

I am stuck with a word that is spooking me.

Ren uses parcel tape and 'fragile' stickers for the parcels, so i amusing the word 'Fragile' at the moment. For no other reason than the word happened to be on the table when i started the word exercise.

So i have the word 'Fragile' and i have broken it into a number of new words. I couldnt think of anymore so i cheated and asked Google to do the rest for me, which it did.

The odd thing is, all the words seem to be about me, the crash, injuries and recovery emotions. How can one word, picked willy nilly result in that ?

Even the word 'Fragile' .

Heres my problem:


Agile (I liked this one)






















The more I think about it the more frightened I think i should be.

Does anyone know how this is possible ? I really cant think of a word to make from 'fragile' that isnt related to the crash.

Hope you understand my rambling - please let me know what you think.

Kindest regards

just Jules


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Fair, leaf, ariel, afire, lief, regal, flier, flair, grail, lager, large, earl, fare, lira, rifle...

Hope these might help some?


Hello there iforgot

Now isnt that so so odd - i am absolutely speechless.

If i didnt have the word on my wall here i wouldnt believe you. I am still checking as i am chatting to you.

I looked and looked for other words, they were not there... honest.

I am so very pleased. Made my day some lovely words in fragile.

Thanks an awful lot



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It is hard when we get stuck to see what is there.... I hoped to help unstick things....because I know how it feels to be stuck ;)


This reminds me of the zen-type exercise that asks you to take a moment and look round the room you are in.

Notice all the red things, count them.

Then the question is, how many blue things are in the room?

When I did this I was amused to find that I couldn't think of any blue things. My mind had been focussing too strongly on the red things.


Hello Bonfire

The Fragile word thing still shocks me as to how odd it is that the brain can absolutely tell you something, that isnt.

I will try the color thing.



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Thank you I forget



Hi Jules

Many of the words you've listed can mean different things and most of them are nothing to be scared of.

For example age can mean a period of time like the stone age or be a number indicating how long you have been alive. My favourite sort of meaning is to ripen or mature.

There are lots of good things in that list.

Agile seems like a really good one for you as you identify with it and like it.

Love n hugs


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Dear Random

I have the words on my wall by my computer, looking at them now. I wrote them on the wall (just in tiny writing) when i was trying to understand what was happening. sounds mad now i know.

If i get the courage i might get some white paint and paint them over later.

Thank you for listening to me and i hope your day was a nice one




We each see things through the tinted glasses of our own experience. Reading your list I thought at least half the words you had identified should have no negative associations and like iforget could see plenty more. But I haven't lived your experience.

Checking whether others are also seeing things with the same tint is a really good plan of action though and I am glad it made you feel better. It is a pretty good rule of life for us as our experience is so 'off the scale' from other 'normal' people it can skew our worldview at times.

NLP or CBT might be helpful - buy a book first to see what you think then you can always request a referral...


Hello matlalatete

I guess you will have seen the other replies by now - i can only repeat to you how grateful i am that you are there and listening. Yes, we do thibk differently to others, i know. Each i am getting to know a little and i am always taken back as to what people have been trough or are going through in their 'quiet' lives.

I am sort of back on the scale again.

Can you tell me what a Matlalatete is or do i have to google it ?

Kindest regards




It is 'mal a la tete' - french for headache! Fortunately not too much of a problem atm as I have some new prophylactic meds and my ME is in remission, but at times it sums up me and my life !


Hi Jules,

Don't be frightened I think thats a fantastic exercise and the words you have come up with describe me too. Love the word fragile. XX N

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What a great exercise to do......I've been neglecting my recovery exercises of late with a lot of other negative things to contend with, so thank you for sharing.....ill have a go at that one. No excuses.......that exercise could be done anywhere with any word.

I was interested in how you perceived the google results. I agree with the other replies, based on personal experience it would be easy to form an association.

G I once rad a book called 'The science of big numbers' or something like that. It explains how chance affects real life and gives a mathematical theory for how co-incidence works. Applying the science of big numbers to your injury, and the chance use of the word fragile, and the resulting words, it's possible to explain that some of negative words might appear.

It's really interesting. I ve tried to use it to explain my own accident and to stop myself thinking silly thoughts about why it happened......Im trying to make myself to put it down to the 'science of big numbers' :) If I can find the book on Amazon I'll post a link.

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Hello Elanor

Sorry, its late - i havent been on my computer for a while.

When i went on google (and i did it twice to check) the other words were not there. I dont mean i missed them, they were not there.

It actually is starting to make sence of some things that happened to me before i was demoted at work. I up until now have thought i was absolutely correct with certain figure work i was doing or something i had seen or not seen but i was told otherwise. I didnt beleive them, i feel quite embarrassed now at the way i must have behaved. I was so frustrated, I couldnt understand why people were saying black when it was so obviously white.

Anyway, yes, the Science of Numbers does sound interesting - if you get the link i would like to have it.

Have a nice evening



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I'm relived to hear it's not just me Jules :) I've looked at the spellchecker when it's underlined a word, then tired really hard to think of the correct spelling myself. Ok - I give up, can't think of the spelling - so I let the spellchecker do its job and then I look at the correctly spelled word and don't know if I quite agree with it or not ha ha ha :) oh my goodness what an interesting way to be. Just as well I'm a glass half full kind of person or I don't know what I'd do xx


Hi Elenor

Its always great to hear that someone else experiences the same (when its not something really awful) isnt it. Oddly comforting, almost as if 'its normal under the circumstances'.

Like a lot of people (if not all I suspect) i have questioned what life actually is since the head injury. My mind is pondering at the moment:

'... if its true that i can look at something with my brain and something is not there, but I find out from everybody else that it was there, and because it works vice versa, does that mean nothing i see is actually there, its just my brain telling me.

Maybe that is the answer to the question of what is life - maybe its not real.

... and does it matter anyway, because the pattern of life is eventually the same for everybody.

Confusing stuff whirling in the grey matter.

On a slightly different note:

Words & Letters:

I liked the way fragile becomes agile with very little effort (ie loose 2 letters) but i also saw one yesterday:

'am using'


... 'amusing'

great when words relate and 'sit' with you.



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