scrubbing Brush

Hello everyone (anyone still awake) Jules here

A strange one, I wondered if anyone has come across it themselves:

The last day 2 days I have found I have been 'zoning' out for awhile, when I seem to be almost sleep walking doing things, then open my eyes and am wide awake.

My husband this afternoon found me on the floor with a scrubbing brush, kneeling with the forehead face down in the couch. All I know is I opened my eyes and my husband had lifted me up off the floor and I wondered what was happening.

I don't have any memory of what happens, other than what I find when I 'wake up'.

I used to sleep walk quite badly in the past, but with this I am not asleep, when I open my eyes I am wide awake and have been doing something prior to it starting, The last one was about 30 mins ago. I see double and noticed small hallucinations, which make it a bit worrying,

Does anyone know what this is ?

Kind regards




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  • No I'm pleased to say I don't Hun. Sounds nasty. I have been known to walk about in my sleep talking about flying chickens but nothing like this. I hope someone can give u some advice cause I can't xx

  • ok Candice,thanks for responding anyway.

    Hope you are ok ?



  • Xx

  • I'm thinking seizures perhaps ? Have you been tested to rule them out Jules ? xx

  • hi cat

    no i havent.

    they waited until 5 year was up then said if its been 5 years i probably will not,

    is it sonething i should take to my GP ?

    hope it isnt because i am having quite a few of the >

    Are you OK Cat ?



  • I'm ok thank you Jules ; had a really lazy day today owing to arthritis pain but nothing unusual.

    I think you HAVE to see your GP about this issue as it sounds like you could hurt yourself if you're losing awareness periodically. I know there are Absence Seizures which don't involve fitting but just 'zoning' out for several minutes.

    Whatever is causing it can likely be addressed, but you really shouldn't neglect these symptoms. Please make an appointment first thing Monday or visit a walk-in centre tomorrow.

    Get yourself off to bed now girl ; it's my deadline anyway (2am) !

    Nite nite m'love. See you tomorrow xx

  • My joints are hurting as well at the moment - probably the weather fluctuating so much.

  • Yes, the humidity aggravates joint pain. But my steroid shot has worn off and my next one isn't due 'til end of next month !

    I do an academy-award performance of a very old lady after sitting for a while ! Hope yours isn't getting you down too much Sos. xx

  • So many bits of me hurt, I actually said to the wife last night it would be nice to go to sleep and then someone wake me up when I don't hurt anymore!

    I had knee surgery (arthroscopy) two weeks ago which actually made it worse and to cap it all my dog pulled me over and landed on my knee, backside and elbow!

    Not sure what hurts the most my elbow or backside - you know the old saying about telling the difference :-)

  • I do indeed Sos.......the A or the E !

    And no one really 'gets' it do they ; I have to admit I have a secret desire for a big cuddly cartoon bear to scoop me up and say 'Oh you poor, poor thing ; let me look after you ! :o

    But we don't live in a fantasy world, worse luck, so have to just hope we can keep the momentum going.

    I hope your increased knee pain was actually a result of scarring from the op (and the dog) and that it'll start to ease before too long.

    I don't know why, but it helps to talk to someone who, you know, really understands how bl**dy rotten this condition is !!

    Keep smiling m'love & don't let that pooch drag you down again. xx ;-)

  • Because I am quite broad, have long arms and my wife is quite small, I can wrap my arms round her so that she virtually disappears - as she says its like being wrapped up in cuddly toy. However, it doesn't last long, as she gets to warm, complains about not being able to breath and my chest hair makes her sneeze - so the romance doesn't last long :-)

    With chronic pain, I can honestly see why people after years of suffering have enough and take drastic measures. Fortunately, I am much stronger than that

  • Jules,

    I'm with Cat on this one, sounds like absence seizures/atypical epilepsy, the 'new' term they're throwing about with the kids I work with is Non Epileptic Attack Disorder, if there's no absolute electrical mis-fire detected on scans. I have kids that 'freeze', and kids that 'drop', and we've had a couple who became incredibly combative.

    You do need to report to your GP, whether it's absence seizures, or something else, you need to have it checked out, to reduce the possibility of you zoning out when you're doing something more dangerous than having a mystery adventure with a scrubbing brush.

    (I appreciate our body-clocks are back to front, you'll see this when you see it, but PLEASE get yourself checked out.)

  • Thank you Gaia

    I will be more careful how i do my cleaning and things from now on.

    I cannot explain why i would have the scrubbing brush in the living room, think my husband is more worried than me, bless him.



  • Yep just read through this and as above, get to your GP and have a aha with him/her about it. N xx

  • Hi there Nik

    Nice to hear from you.

    Yes, i will make an appointment on Monday (normally have to wait couple of weeks tho).

    Have a good day whatever you are doing this sunday,



  • Hi Jules.

    Have to agree with Cat. Sounds like a form of epilepsy. May not be but needs checking.

    I know how you feel as I suffered from these. Suddenly finding myself not knowing how I got where I was and feeling out of it.

    Took awhile to get diagnosed and the right medication. Gladly medication controls this now.

    Get to your g.p. and try amd find out what this is. Once you know you can try and manage it.

    All the best


  • Hello Pax

    Yes it was frightening and seeing double of everything was disorientating, Is the vision problem known to be part of it ?



  • Sorry for the delay in replying. .....not feeling good at moment.

    Can't remember having double vision but doesn't mean it may not be part of it.

    Hope you are getting it checked out and find out what the problem is.


  • Hi Jules, As everyone says, get yourself checked as a matter of urgency.

    One thought, though, I assume that you don't sleep much judging by the strange times you post on here. It is possible that your body and brain are just so overtired that is overcoming you at times. Again, you need to be checked, if it is as simple as tiredness you could be referred to a sleep clinic to try to get your body clock sorted.

    Whatever the cause, get it checked, whatever is wrong needs to be sorted out.

    Have a good day. It's just started raining here, we desperately need it BUT PLEASE NOT TODAY... we are going to an open air concert tonight and it really isn't the same in raincoats with brollies! I pictured us sitting on the lawn eating strawberries in the sunshine!!!!!


  • Good morning Jules. I've had them but always at night when asleep, whilst having a seizure. Scary, too true, particularly now I live alone. xx

  • Hi Davee

    I am so glad i dont live alone with thi, tthat mus be very frightening.

    How do you find out you are having them when asleep ? I have been sleep walking since the crash.



  • Hi Jules,

    I cannot answer your question. Sounds strange though and no one else I know of who has a BI has mentioned it before.

    I mainly came on here to tell you that I have done a halloween themed drawing. I posted it last week and I did tag your name as well but I guess you might have missed the post.

    It was my "Pumpkins" post. I am really pleased with the picture too and my mum loves it.

  • Hi Matt

    Thats ok dont worry, thanks for caring anyway.

    Yes I did miss the Pumpkin Post (I was waiting to see if you woud do it, you said you might.) wharts re eaiest way to find it again ?

    (My mums coming over from from Gambia so i will show her and tell you what she said.




    That's the link to the picture

    That is a link to my online portfolio where you can find some of my others pictures, if you are interested of course :).

  • Hello Matt2584

    The pumpkins are evil and cute, love them.

    Had a look at your other work - it left me with one question- these are beautiful and have needed a lot of talent. You must have other stuff you are not showing, hidden to one side.

    I would love to see any of the doodles you do too.

    I paint furniture these days, haven't been able to make my pastels or water colors do what my brain thinks since the crash. I was never very good, but i did enjoy it. I enjoy painting furniture funky colors now instead.

    You must get lots of pleasure from producing things that are so beautiful Matt.



  • Ah thank you Jules, I am glad you lik my work.

    The work posted on the coroflot portfolio is most of my work, not all. I think the earliest pictures I drew and posted were from 2008 and up to the present day.

    My work years ago was good back then but with the help of some friends, my art has got lots better.

    I used to use oil pastels and actually, some of the work posted were oil pastel paintings but I got fed up of using them in the end. I have seen fantastic paintings before done with oils and they look nothing like my work, they look loads better and the reason why is because those paintings were done using turpentine. Put that over the oils and it blends together really well.

    I've tried using watercolour paints but find them a bit hard to get to grips with. I prefer using pencils as they are cleaner. I prefer watercolour pencils like with the pumpkins I drew :).

    Well you don't always have to be good at the things you enjoy doing and plus also creativity is good for the brain whether it is drawing, painting, making music and so on.

    You might want to take a picture or two of some of the furniture you have painted. You never know where you could go from there :).

  • Does sound like you could be having Complex Partial Seizures the new term for what used to be Petit Mal seizures. Unlike Grand Mal seizures you don't lose consciousness and have tonic clonic movement. Complex Partial Seizures are less obvious and can be brief absences, sensations, etc. It is possible you could have been having them for a while but not realised as linked them to tiredness etc. I think sometimes they can occur at night and may be a factor in your disturb sleep as can just occur during sleep. Would suggest you get yourself checked out with GP and a referral for an EEG. Also agree with the others, if fits are ruled out, that you need to be referred to a sleep clinic as your sleep pattern seems to be shifted to the wrong time of day. I sleep very little but I do still keep to a night time bedtime routine. Tiredness during the day could also explain your 'vacant' times but don't assume that and get checked out. Do you drive??

  • Hi Strawberry

    Great advice thank you.

    Yes i did put it down to tiredness

    before yesterday, But that hasn't changed and this is new or something getting worse.

    The DVLA took my licence about a year ago because of my lack of direction/concentration. I hear in September if i am to get it back. Im guessing this will b enough for them to keep it fir now ?

    Anyway - how are you today Strawberry ?






  • Hi Jules

    Please do get checked out just in case.

    I'm ok thanks, but struggling with lots of fatigue because it's been school holidays so had my 10yr old to entertain etc. At the start of the school hols (when we were away on hol) he got a fractured arm which meant he wasn't allowed to attend most of the sports activities I had booked for him to keep him busy and to give us time apart so we could cope more happily with the 6 weeks. Being in 'cast' has just nicely fitted into the 6 weeks as he has a #clinic apt Tue when I think it will be taken off. It has been a challenging 6 weeks!!


  • Hi Jules,

    Goodness, don't go cleaning the upstairs windows :) . Joking aside, yes, I do this......not so much in the last few months. It was a daily occurrence for months after my accident, but now it's only when I'm tired tired. Partly why I really couldn't even consider applying for my driving licence back. I was awake for most all of last night, listened to five different programmes on the radio while hubby snoozed the night away. It's all going to be downhill today now so I won't go cleaning my upstairs windows either :) Have a good rest of the day x

  • Morning hunny. Hope today is not as bad as you thought. I'm glad others replied with advice and reading them it makes sense that it could well be. They are well known to happen and can happen to any one at any age I guess , bi or not. Please let us know what the dr said xx

  • Hi there Candice

    Hows things withyour daughter going ?

    Yes, brilliant to get such a lot of advice, and it makes sence to me what is being said.

    Something has changed and is wrong so i will go along to the GP - they are quite nice there, allow you time to talk.

    I didnt expect anything after so long, its 6 years this October.

    Thank you for replying to me Candice, its quite frightening, lovely to know i have my 'forum friends' there.



  • R u feeling less tired today than you thought you would ? I don't think the time really counts when it comes to the brain. Maybe if you didn't have a bi it would still of happened. I take lamotrogine for my bi polar but it's actually used for epilepsy of all kinds now not really for bi polar anymore. Iv taken that for about 15 years and don't remember having a problem. Since the crash it's gone up to 400mg per night, quite high I think. There are tablets out there that can control things quite well re epilepsy so don't let it eat you up too much, just another thing for us bi people, bring it on ,,, AGAIN lol. I may well of had epilepsy fits after crash if I wasn't on these , who knows. At least I can drive. If it is something you can mend you may be able to think about driving again. Maybe something you need for your own sanity.

    As for my daughter it's only 11 days till she due to move out and I'm getting quite excited. I know I will be on my own and lonely but it's got to be better than the constant screaming and abuse. Will have my dog and cats to keep me company. Planning to be one of them sad cat woman with a dog to get me out house mind he's not been too well I don't think recently so vets this week .

    Luv to you hun

  • Hi Jules,

    get it checked out and I agree with Strawberry cream about complex partial seizures(Petit Mal) I was diagnosed with these after a visit to my now neurologist and having an EEG.

    I also find when I'm tired and not had enough sleep I feel worse and if things are to noisey and to many people about it gives me weird sensations.

    The side effects from the meds I take can sometimes make me feel fatigued and tired as I work shifts in an airport.


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