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Feeling Angry / Frustrated

Although more than 3 years since being dismissed from work, this month is anniversary when I was disciplined for my actions of having long encounters that contain continuous repeat messages ....and where when ever I perform this activity makes me feel guilty and shameful. I am currently working with my counsellor but am finding it hard trying to understand and frequently as I do now, feel frustrated / anger but guess this is a burden I have to manage and bare. Mike.

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Hi Mike,

Manage yes, bare no.

There is always another way. Go for a walk, have a smoke, do whatever you like to help you change direction. That job might not be the best for you. I've been fired or left almost all my jobs because of problems but I believe here is something for all of us we just need to find it.

Hope you're ok and doing well.



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Thank you Luke for your understanding and advice and is something I need do to help with enduring victimisation and discrimination. Thank you again. Mike

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No worries. Life can be difficult for others as well. After a head injury things can just be too much!...I know I been out all day today to keep away from my parents/mum and he still wanted more after I got back after 13hours out! I've lost it with them, totally f.ing lost it. They make me feel like death is much better/the only option! I know it's nit but after kicking off about me wanting to eat w left over dinner it's just too much.

I hope you can find something that suit u. Me too.

One good thing si took a walk at the end of the day to a countryside train station. It was nice. Like a drug. There's a lot to be said for doing what feels good but it can take a while to feel that!

I'm still hungry because I eat out because they make me feel uncomfortable but maybe The benefit is I can burn some fat!

Goodnight mate and do what feels right😊


Would it help if you explained a bit more about "disciplined for my actions of having long encounters that contain continuous repeat messages"? Not sure I fully understand?


Thank you for your response. After my return to work after my frontal lobe head injury, events, seeing experts, over about 2 years, confirmed I had not received prompt adjusted / adapted provisions, criteria and or practices that frequently triggered behaviours with me feeling vulnerable, frustrated and was ill over this period. My penalty at work, would be for two years, and was precisely as I have documented, I too was very confused and considered this response, to be unreasonable/unfair, since due to my traits, I felt I would not be able to comply with this procedure and I appealed. I was subsequently dismissed 2012 for poor attendance and I again appealed, took legal action and a settlement was reached. However, on leaving work and in the community, I found similar barriers / frustrations and again challenged / complained once again, to the ombudsman who agreed Jan 2016, there was fault with social care with me not receiving prompt services/treatment, communication. Having endured these challenges over many years has taken its toll on my family / health and wellbeing and am receiving recovery support that is ongoing. I cannot provide specific details but happy to try and explain / clarify where I can if needed. Thank you again and hope my brief explanation helps you understand somewhat. Mike.


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