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Fed up Day!Can we have our old lives back Please!

Yet another indepth report came in from another neurologist for the solicitor /insurance company)my poor husband is being treated like a specimen going here and there being examined for this and that. All he wants is to get on with his life after the RTA injuries and TBI. By the time we do get any insurance payment both of us will be pushing the daisies up (no doubt that is what they want). fed up of watching every penny of our savings diminish , though at least we were fortunate and had some as i feel sorry for anyone who diidnt and are in this mess. Then to add insult to injury driver released early from prison and can go back to work and his life while my poor OH will never work again! Think I need to throw a few plates at the wall!!! I always knew our life was too good before and something was going to happen -it did!!

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i can relate to all what you are saying travelling the country seeing different specialists is laborious and time consuming, then the other side wants their own specialists to examine you as well, going over the same thing time and time again. each appointment and test adds another 4+ months on to the process.

how long has it been now?

i would dearly love to go back to work, just a simple job, but i know i cant and i hate it as i have worked since left school, i hope he can find interests to help keep his life as busy as he can manage.

I hope this gets resolved soon for you as the whole legal process is just a constant reminder and stressor which you don't need.

i hope you day gets better


Thnx for that -you know exactly where we are coming from! Police side over and done with quickly just the civil bit and we are only 15 months down the line of what could be years -just feel like everyone is 'milking it' and want to put it behind and get on with life!


Had cause to go to a hospital in London called charing cross,but all they did was fill me full of drugs and appointment after appointment,which cost me a long term relationship i was in at the time,and like you it took me a long time to get anyone to give me a chance as far as work was cocerned,but i now have a steady job at a locol school where i have worked for about two years now,and it does help,keep trying.


I haven't been through the legal process so I cannot begin to understand how that element feels but I hope that you get a result soon so that you can move on, these things take so much energy when all you really want to focus on is recovery and your future.

It would be such an easy thing to do for government to set up a single centre of specialists to deal with the might of the legal profession who charge a fortune and who are reluctant to pay out. Meaning they get rich with no understanding of the impact of their behaviour and tactics on families in trauma.

If the government set a centre up it could be centre of expertise for both brain injured and their families and the medical profession - a "one stop shop" where everything could be answered quickly. That means that there should be more consistency in decisions, more speed in resolving cases and most importantly of all - less emotional and financial stress on those trying to rebuild their lives after a major trauma. the negative of course is that it might mike a few very rich lawyers a little less rich (sorry lawyers)

Would cost everybody less money including the government on legal aid and in dealing with the health problems of those battling the process. But guess they only look at the initial cost not the long term savings.

Good luck and keep the faith I hope it happens for you soon x


It's a NO SIRY.

Your fed up, well I'm an IDIOT, for making the WRONG CHOICE IN MY LIFE!!!


It's your thread!!!


if i have offended you by my blog then my apologies- but I thought the whole point of coming on here was to be truthful?


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