I now hate vivaldi !!!!!!!!!

I used to love Vivaldi's four seasons.

I say used to........for the past six days my wife has been trying to contact pips to get an extension on my application.

Our house has beem full of the sounds of Vivaldi's four seasons.

Hours and hours and hours of it. Only broken up when they answer and immediately hang up arrrrrrrghhhh.

Now I know they are busy.....they tell us constantly. But still no answer so no extension.

Just the bloody sounds of Vivaldi !!!!!!!.

I feel a major fight on our hands againand we hhaven't even submitted the forms yet.

Oh the reason for the delay? CAB cant gives us advice yet because they are busy fighting pip cases.....ironic really.


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Oh Pax I'm sorry you're having all this hassle. Why is it that everything we need is always just out of reach. And they think that Vivaldi will smooth away the frustration of hanging on the phone for hours ??

We seem to be completely at the mercy of uncaring, incompetent or ignorant individuals ; you have my sympathies. Hope you'll get to speak to a human soon !



I am waiting for my PIP results and the not knowing is dreadful.


Perhaps the clue is in the music - you literally have to go through four seasons before getting an answer ! I remember all the time/ big phone bill accrued trying to get my applications sorted when I had to give up my job - additional phone costs is the last thing you need when not having money to live off. In the end I physically went through the Jobcentre - is this a possibility for you ? x


Mrs May & co. should hang their heads in shame for the systemic failings in a benefits system which brazenly allows disabled and vulnerable people to fall into need and despair & too often homelessness.

There's so much wasted revenue that could be better used to bolster our health and other essential services. At a time of so called Austerity, how come they can find the billions to finance the olympic games yet our police force, NHS, and other essential services are falling to pieces.

I could weep at the helplessness of us all, at the mercy of these merciless fools. :-(

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hear hear Cat, spoken with passion xx


Thanks Trishy ; honestly I feel at times like I might just spontaneously combust from seeing injustices everywhere I look. And now the junior doctors are having to 'up' their protests to an even riskier level because, still, no one's listening.

And we're supposed to avoid stress ? ...............what a paradox !

Hope you're coping OK m'dear. xx


Just an update.

Finnnnaaaalllyyyy got through. No apology for hanging up them told that when we phone at the beginning of the month they COULD have done extension them.

AARRRRRRGGHHH. This is only the start as well.



Oh Pax. What a pain!

Please try to get some rest and if you can get a print out of the calls you've made to help support your case as you battle forward.

Love n hugs


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