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I can measure things - correctly now


Prior to my injury I used to do a lot of "extreme" DIY, big building projects, renovations and making some ornate cabinets. One of the things that "broke" with my injury was my ability to measure things along with the other cognitive skills of adding and planning. Whilst I could use a tape or ruler to measure, I would often forget the measurements, miss read them or as with our muddled brains measure something as "x" and transfer it to the material as a "y" , sometimes "z", even an "A".

I tried using an old fashioned "rod" which is really a stick which you place at one end of what you want to measure and put a mark on the other end. Ok, in principle but walking into Ikea, B&Q or builders merchant with a big stick is just asking for trouble especially these days

I came across at special tape measure called a TalMeter. I have had it a month and haven't made a mistake yet. It is such a simple design - like most good things.

If anybody is interested or has the same problem measuring things have a look at this video


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Hi Sospan

Isn't it amazing how finding something simple can make such a difference.

I bet you feel much better now that you can do something you loved before the bi.

Here's to much happy measuring.



Thanks. Saves a lot of money by not making mistakes as well :-)

Hi Sospan. Wish they'd ben around 25 years ago ; that's how long it's taken me to turn a dump of a property into a pleasant home (& garden). I also learned carpentry and have made all my own wardrobes, kitchen cabinets and fire surrounds etc.

This measure would have made life sooooo much simpler, but I've done all I'm doing now !

I might just look for one for my son though ; he's become a dab hand at most practical jobs.

Have fun with yours. xx

sospan in reply to cat3

A multi talented lady.

Getting back into DIY slowly was the main thing that has helped get so far on the recovery road. Six month after my injury I couldn't even hit the head of a nail let alone knock it in straight. Each day I used to start 6 nails in timber and practice knocking them in one by one. pull them out and try again. Eventually I could do knock them in straight one by one

Last year I made some hexagonal windows - that's progress.

It was lucky I had something to focus on because there are no rehab services down here

cat3 in reply to sospan

My motto 'Never use a nail where a screw will do' was apparently the wrong way round and slightly more costly, but it's served me well.

But I always enjoyed the therapy of knocking in nails. After the concentration of measuring endless lengths of timber for garden trellises it was so therapeutic knocking in a couple of hundred nails afterwards.

Maybe the latest idea for therapy after BI ? Trouble is it'd be too frustrating for someone having a bad day ; it's pretty demoralising if the nails keep bending !

It's not just the BI which has slowed me down but also the arthritis, caused (apparently) by years of gripping hand-tools and continually crouching in confined spaces. So I stick to cleaning & gardening these days.

Keep up the good work Sospan ; nice talking to a kindred spirit. xx

sospan in reply to cat3

Yep, I find my arthritis / rheumatism is much better when I keep moving. Soon as I stop I seize up - a little like the tin man in the wizard of oz although frequently the wife compares me to the scarecrow - the one without the brain :-)

Won't saw who she reminds me out of the Wizard of Oz or she will hit me with her broom ;-)

cat3 in reply to sospan

:-D xx

Wow that looks great Sospan, perfect for the job, unlike the laser measures EA's used.

Where I live, although, not high ceilings but I need to stand on a chair or step ladder with all that entails. not good as can get dizzy. I Need curtains for the Windows, a door and poles to put them on. Sounds like something like would be ideal,for me, to be able to buy right size and keep the draughts out. Then I'd just need to find someone to out them up, not too difficult here in the village hopefully!

I'm really pleased to see how it has helped you though. Things like that, also are a great self-confidence booster aren't they? Needs must - and necessity IS the mother of Invention :-)

Happy New Year. Shirley x.

sospan in reply to SAMBS

Happy new year to yourself.

Have to make the "jeunes filles yeux" at the guys in the cafe and get them to fix up your soft furnishings ;-)

Hi Sospan,

Thank you for posting this video as I too have trouble with measurements sometimes and this tape really helps with that. Fantastic bit of kit. Ill be buying one. Isn't it amazing how something so simple can help us with something thats can be so complicated. Have a fantastic Sunday and again thank you for posting this. Nick

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