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I have not had a seizure for nearly 2 years , I had applied for my driving licence back as been feeling a lot more confident . And on Thursday I had a seizure , I wondered what was happening as I never been awake before , the two I had before I was in hospital , so this for me was really scary as I was at home alone . I was hoovering when suddenly my left leg gave way and I just thought I had a dead leg , when all of a sudden it happened again , then as far as I can remember I lowered myself to the floor as I then realised what was happening !!!!!!!! I won't go into anymore detail , but I'm ok I managed to get hold of my husband at work , he was home within 15 mins . I just wondered who else on here has seizures and do you have any warning signs before it happens . The Dr came as I was in a right state and he and the paramedic both think its down to my chest infection , I've been on anti-biotics since last Monday . I'm so scared it'll happen again , I was just getting on with my life again and doing things on my own , now this happens !!!!!!! Well bang goes the driving again now . But now I'm thinking of getting lifeline buzzer installed . Thanks x

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Hello, im sorry to hear this. I cant help you much but what I can say is I understand. I suffer with panic and anxiety attacks. I hadn't had one for 2 weeks then boom I got a big one. Straight back to not being able to be in the house alone. Back to not being able to go outside. Horrible. Im a lot better now. So sorry I cant help with any advice. But ive learnt my signs so I now when im going to get one. Breathing difficulties, funny feelings inmy insides. I do a strange hand thing to. Hope ive helped in some way x


Hi Nic1988 thanks for your reply , so sorry about your panic attacks , I had them and agoraphobia a few years ago , but gradually overcame them , I used to see a therapist which helped . But since I've had this brain problem , I seem to have forgotten about panic attacks . But there I was just regaining my confidence after nearly 2 years and this happened on Thursday . I just hope it was down to the chest infection and strong anti-biotics . I take my last one tonight . I'm fingers crossed it was a one off .x Thanks and I hope you stay well the best you can x


Hiya, not something I've experienced either but if U contact Headway I'm sure they will know. If U look at my profile all the contact details are on there - good luck !!!


Thank you StaceM8 for your reply x


Hey, I got epilepsy after my stroke, I've had 11 so far! My 2 most recent were down to an infection too.

I get a really strange sensation before a seizure, it's like the world is sort of floating away. It's pretty indescribable. I think everyone is different though, is there any feeling that you noticed before it happened?


Thank you B_S_A for your reply , sorry that you have had 11 seizures , but thanks for telling me your last 2 were down to infection , I am hoping that's what caused mine . The only feeling I noticed before it happened was my leg just turning to jelly . x


Really sorry this has happened, especially the timing just as you were going to try and get your license back. Must have been so scary too.

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Thank you hedgehog99 for your reply , yes really scary and typical that I'd applied for my licence back . I just hope it was a one off due to the chest infection . Today is my 1 st day at home alone since it happened , I am petrified , so going to stay in bed . My husband said he'd have another day off if I wanted , but I've got to face this at some point x


Hello Muzzyden. Coincidentally this also happened to my husband. 9 months clear of a seizure (he has had 12 since his SAH and stroke in October 2012) and then at 6am on Saturday, another one. Although this one was a lot less violent and much shorter than his usual ones, it still has set him back in his confidence and, like you, he was hoping to maybe look into driving again in the new year, and so is very emotional about it all.

He has been very well, but has had a very painful back complaint since July and been on a lot of different pain relief drugs, also he has had some stress recently concerning family, both of these things I know can cause seizures, so not sure if that contributed to it.

I really do understand how upsetting and frustrating it all is. I am going to telephone his Epilepsy nurse this morning and see what she recommends.

I assume you are taking anti seizure drugs? Maybe, like him, they need adjusting slightly.

No one knows how difficult life is having to worry about these awful things, although not usually life threatening, they are horrible to witness and frightening for you to have to cope with.

Very best wishes, and lets hope for both you and my husband, these were just "breakthrough" seizures, and that they wont happen again!!

Molly x


Hi Molly15 thank you for your reply . So sorry this has also happened to your husband and I wish him well . Yes I am on anti seizure tablets . It was very frightening when it happened , but I am really hoping it was down to the chest infection and strong anti -biotics I'm on . But it has truly set me back now , confidence now gone again . x


As others have said infection is a trigger.

So is can constipation, some folks can tell there is one coming, and sometimes you can tell by someones behaviour.

It is quite a broad church though some folks can have a cluster of 7 or 8 seizures in under a hour, where as others might only have 1 every few months.

And likewise recovery most take a while to recover, but others even from big un's are as before within one minute, quite how they do that....


Thanks RogerCMerriman for your reply x


Hello muzzyden

Since my TBI I have had a large number of seizures however they are a lot less frequent thanks to the meds I'm on

Sometimes I have warning other times I wake up on the floor and remember nothing but when I get a warning I get honeycomb vision and or a feeling in my tummy like impending doom it makes me feel quite nauseous

I feel for you being so close to being able to drive again it wasn't nice having to surrender my driving license :(



Thank you Broken_Doll for your reply . x


My husband had his TBI in Feb 2011 then a seizure in March 2013 (10 mins) and another 10 minute seizure in May 2013. On Both occasions he was at home and thankfully I was present. He is unable to move his left side for some 40-50 minutes post seizure. We visited the GP and his neuro-consultant and his anti-seizure medication was increased. He has not had a seizure since the increase in his medication. Perhaps you can talk to the GP about increasing the level of your medication? There is a maximum level you can be on and my husband used to be on a low level and is now mid-range.

I also asked for him to be referred to the local epilepsy centre for review and advice which was very helpful too!

He does not have any other warning, he did not have any infection and we have no idea what caused the attacks.

Good luck and hope that you find some answers!


Thank you NJH11 for your reply . I have taken on board what you've said and will chat to my Dr . x


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