Relationships/friendship after brain injury

Since my brain injury I have had a relationship break up and not really been out to meet many people since. Mainly due to still being on ESA work related. I've tried going on courses and headway to meet people all was like go few times and then never keep in touch with anyone.

Now I have found a local group that has get together with people with head injuries. Set up and run by a guy who had head injury from an unprovoked attack 5 year ago. I am enjoying going and meeting new people everyone is so friendly. Been to an allotment opening today and met a older bloke who was very friendly but I got the feeling he was attracted to me as in he held my hand a bit while walking. I've no problem with this and do get on with him, but he is like old enough to be my dad so I would not want to get into a relationship with him. I may of got it completely wrong and he may just be being friendly I have only met him today I don't know if he's single or anything I just don't want him to get the wrong idea. I would like to be friends but that's as far as it goes.

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  • Glad you have found somewhere nice to go. Make sure when you are with this man that there are always other people there and make a point of talking to everyone, not just him. He should eventually realise that you just want to be friends. Or you could let him think that you have a casual relationship with someone your age.

  • Thanks for the good advice. He has mentioned meeting sometime just us, but I think I will keep putting it off for now til I've met him more at the group thing then see how he seems. Good idea about letting him think I'm seeing someone my own age. I do want a relationship with someone my own age and someone I know well so hoping to meet someone through this group thing. Actually if I'm honest I do like the man who set this up, but first thing is try and become friends and take it from there. Not rushing anything as don't want to feel awkward going there.

  • I have told him I'm meeting my boyfriend at weekend to put off meeting and also shows I don't want relationship with him.

  • I have issues socialing and started seeing someone with a BI and have had to call it off as hes too "in my face" so ive had to uninstall whatsapp to stop him contacting me as he isn't listening and I don't have the energy after to work to deal with him, he keeps hugging and stuff when he do meet and hes really forward (it isn't helped by staff members egging him on) he wants to meet up on the weekend but I may put him off by saying im busy as Ive got to get my suitcase ready for Belfast

  • Yea this guy was really forward. I'm just focusing on getting friends with people and take it from there. I will mention sometime about I'd like someone to go swimming with and see if they know anyone who mite want to go with me. I know the man who set the charity up likes swimming and also woman who helps does and lives near me. That way I give them option of offering to go with me also mentioning anyone else who may want to go.

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