I went for a walk today

It was great, as is music, friends and other things.

I know this buzz will die but until it does...

Enjoy it huh

It's all about keeping the good feelings going.

Whatever you do, whoever you are. Feeling good is good.

I wish I could do something amazing with my life and even more so since head injury that others would recognize and be like...wow Luke, that's good/you're not as weird or useless as I/we thought.

my ***king parents have pushed me so far and for what? To hide their own misery probably. What can I do? What can I do that's amazing? Nothing is good enough for her but working, money and being as miserable as her.

I guess using it, the misery, to be creative is a use. Wish I could make music.

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  • You are amazing and just remember that, you don't need to be anything for anyone else, just be who you are and do what makes you happy.

    Lisa85 xxxx

  • Ah that's great Lisa 😊But I need a place where I don't wake up worrying/feeling like sh!t and a horrible sense that I must be doing so,etching,I mustn't eat this,I have to ask to make a hot drink etc! It's like my mums the one with the the brain injury!

    Thank you

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