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Hello all I hope you're ok as can be. I had an awful morning.. Received a text message from Barclays telling me I am due a new bank card as there's been an issue with my current card. I went into an instant panic and went down to my bank immediately. It's only a 5 minute walk from mine. I checked my balance and all was ok, then spoke to a member of staff. She said there may be something unusual that's happened and alerted them. The only thing I can assume is me using the contactless on the London underground, which is a first for me. I suppose it's great they check. But I complained about the wording in the text. It sent me into a huge panic, believing I'd lost all my money. Maybe I'm over reacting, but I can't cope with stress now. I suffered all day after and had head pain back. I've been on edge and tearful on and off too. It's horrible how this kind of situation deeply affects you after a brain injury....

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  • Anything to do with banking provelms is bound to send you into a tizz. I could tell you a few funny stories about me an d banking since my TBI lol :) don't be too hard on yiurself . I hope you had a more peaceful evening now it's al ironed out x

  • Its just Jules here

    I left my card in the machine the last day of banking before one Christmas it was on the wall of a post office. Real horrible feeling when i got home.

    Post office is 2 doors down so i got back as quick as i could muster thinking alssorts. I convinced myself the blokes behind me would have stolen it. I felt like i wanted to throw up, I can still recall that panic.

    Hope your feeling better now 'Ro 76' it took me a while also to settle my brain afterwards




  • Thanks Elenor and Jules, I am feeling better than I did yesterday thanks. I had lots on straight after the bank situation yesterday, so the whole day became tiring and quite stressful. By the evening I was in bed watching a film and crying my eyes out. Sometimes you need it... I have also done that Jules, I left my card in a self service machine in a shop, and had to cancel it. I imagined the worse, that it has been stolen. But when I returned to the shop they found it. Horrible isn't it....

  • Morning,

    You did the right thing to go into branch anyway. I wouldn't respond by phoning/texting anything sent by text message - who knows if it was Really from them anyway ??? Even if they DO have my mobile number - so do plenty of other people and I'm pleased to hear you spoke directly with your bank.

    I too have left my bank card in a payment machine - last minute xmas eve shopping at local co-op..... didn't miss it until I wanted to do something online on boxing day - so it didn't worry me until then and I was soon able to backtrack and pop to the shop in the village and retrieve it .

    Have a better day today hopefully :-)


  • No you were right to panic and yes Barclays need to word that better. If you had not been on the underground before and it was contactless they will pull you but I agree that was bad. At least your card hadn't been cloned xx

  • Ro_76 Hello, I hope you are feeling better now after such an unpleasant experience. I struggle to cope with stress since BI (as predicted by Rehab) & I find banking especially difficult to cope with too. As there are risks associated with contactless cards (my major fear being that thieves can scam the card details remotely), I insisted Barclays exchange my debit card for a non-contactless one. I realise I can't stop progress & technology, but, I need my life to be as simple as possible which involves having simple things. I dread the time when all banking has to be done online, our local branch (which is ten miles away) has already removed the counter staff system in favour of self service machines. I agree the text you received was poorly worded, it may simply have been a prompt for you to make contact with them. Even so, the content needed to be more explicit. You are right that such complications in life seem more difficult to contend with after BI, I know I certainly feel more vulnerable now.

    Best wishes,

    CC xx

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