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My musical magnet

My musical magnet

Apologies for my quietness these last few weeks. I've been somewhat distracted by a certain part of North Wales. Porthmadog to be exact, the Ffestiniog Railway if you want me to be even more specific.

So, as you've probably gathered, my trip to see the neurologist last month resulted in me being sent for an MRI of my head and neck. This caused much amusement for my partner because the appointment was at the diagnostic centre at the Campus for Aging and Vitality...

I'd heard various stories of people's experiences with MRIs and the general consensus was to take my own music to distract myself from the loud clattering and banging from the magnet. I'd gone through various options and eventually settled on one.

It actually ended up being none of the above because I hadn't accounted for the fact that the case I'd taken contained 2 different CDs. Having been confined to the tube, I just got what I was given.

I quickly learnt that having taken my own music was completely irrelevant. My musician brain started tuning into the different taps and chords that the machine was making and turned it into its own form of post-modern / disco music. I actually found it quite interesting to listen to the scanner and quickly picked up on where the different taps were coming from, the patterns they were following and even got into predicting the changing patterns. Whoever said music is a "dumb" subject clearly hasn't spent any time at it.

They had to change the table between scans so I was pulled out after the first round. The radiologist asked me how the music was and I was honest with him and said I'd been listening to the scanner. I'm not entirely sure he knew what to make of me telling him that my musician brain had turned it into music, but never mind.

So now it's the wait for the results, and the feeling a bit sad for actually wanting to see the pictures they've taken of my brain.

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I agree Clare that the sounds of the MRI scanner can be interpreted in a positive, more amusing way than they usually are. I'm having another in a few weeks time but not at all apprehensive, in fact my main concern is the new rule of 'No mascara' ! :o

I always find the headphone music is completely drowned by the scanner anyway.

And I love Adiemus ; the way the voices are used merely as instruments is so clever (& emotion provoking) .......................and War Of The Worlds is, for me, just genius !

Hope your results are what you're hoping for. Love Cat x


Yes, I read that on my letter. It wasn't a problem for me though as I tend not to wear it.

Adiemus is a great piece of music. I discovered it a good few years ago but have only recently been able to track a copy down.

As for the results... I honestly don't know what I'm expecting. I suppose I will just have to wait and see.


Hello Claire, Jules here

Nice to hear from you again.

what did you eventually end up listening to Claire ? the one you couldnt hear properly because of the scanner ?




I actually ended up listening to Adele!!


Adele hit the headlines in 2010 and it was the CD I played over and over full blast for months, years, still do when i get down.




Must agree mri scans have an unusual melody which for me was lucky as I forgot my c ds. Yep every scan I did the same. Would have enjoyed War of the Worlds myself Cat.

As for North Wales I love the place the festy whatsit railway is great. Although I did have problems when I kept asking for directions to Park My Dog. Oh its funny now....ha ha ...although at the time it was frustrating.

Good luck with the results.



I have never tried music in the MRI, I quite enjoy listen to the clanking and humming...then again I usually falls asleep in there so it matters not. My husband was in an outer waiting area (two ante rooms and then the scanner room from the room where he was sitting)and he complained about how loud it was... hah! He has no idea

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