Banged my head 😞

Morning everyone. I am posting this as I am feeling stupid. I live in a flat with low ceilings as it's in the roof. I just banged the top of my head on one ceiling. It really shocked me as I don't need this after my big injury last July. Plus I had another seizure this June. I'm worried this knock now has made things worse. Am I fretting a bit over the top? I didn't collapse from it, bit it did hurt and just made me feel stupid. If I get a headache I will go get it checked out I think. Silly me... sorry I had to get it out of my system.


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  • This is the third time I've tried to write this. I'll take my time this time. You don't have to apologise for anything that's not your fault. You hit your head (sorry about that, be careful), I'm sure that your seizures bang it an awful lot more. If it worries you, see the GP. I haven't been to the gps for seizures since the 1990's,although I still have them. However, you say you started with epilepsy last year, so there may be a bit of difference. Take care. Davee

  • Thanks Davee and Elenor. I have told my dad about it so at least someone is aware if I did feel worse. I think I just feel more silly than anything else. I'm usually over protective but these things happen. I had the bleed on brain last July Davee and a seizure June this year. Kings can't be 100% certain it's epilepsy unless I'm unfortunate to have more. I've got an EEG there on 10th so will see then I guess.

  • Let us know how you get on. My next appointment is Friday to have a back tooth pulled. Dentist couldn't do it because of the anticoagulant I have to take. Take care, or get a bigger house. x

  • I agree, see how you go and if a headache appears get it checked. I've been so careful since my accident to take care of my head, but have banged my head recently - but gladly nothing came of it ......I too felt silly......stuff happens :)

  • Since my accident I have banged my head many, many times including a fall down the stairs where I hit my head several times on the way down.

    What I have noticed is that each time it seems to knock my recovery back a bit and no matter how slight the knock it does seem like a "tom jerry" one with stars and a volcano like lump :-)

  • I had a hard bang directly over the site of my coiled wide necked aneurysm which I'm convinced lead to it leaking and forming another bigger one. However I can't get anyone to acknowledge the possibility that the hard impact was the trigger. I've heard of other people suffering similar but they too are not listened to. As it's a fairly new branch of neuroscience I'm somewhat dismayed that my experience is not taken seriously.

  • I think that if you have a low ceiling and your knock or banging your head .Then I think you should ask Headway and who ever owns your flat to help you move into something on the ground floor with a higher up ceiling as you could cause your self some very bad head injury and ask the Doctor GP For some support and good luck

  • Thanks Brainshock. I am already looking for somewhere else to rent, as I need ground floor after my seizure in June. I managed to walk down four flights of stairs somehow and woke 30 minutes later laying on the floor at bottom of stairs. I'd like to think I won't have another but you can never think that really for sure. Headway is a good plan as they've already offered to help. I need to apply for social housing. Thanks for the advice.

  • Hi Ro,

    Ouch ! I think a flat move to better suit your needs is a very good idea. We forget about ceilings being low and having to take extra care, don't we - so easily done. I can understand your concerns. I remember going back to work, crawling under a desk to clean the legs and knocking myself silly on a big metal brace bar - I simply forgot that I needed to reverse out first before trying to stand ! No harm done but a lovely sore lump ! How are you feeling today ? Angela x

  • Thanks Angela, fortunately the knock didn't seem to have any adverse effects. The only thing I had later in that afternoon was head pain at the back where I have had on and off since my injury. That pain is usually caused by stress or tiredness. Maybe it was related to the knock as I was worrying about it, without realising. Your knock sounded worse, yes it does make you feel silly. But these things will happen I guess. Take care xx

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