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Head accident with door shutter coming down on me

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I was hit on the head by door shutters as I walked into a shop. I went to work the next day but wasn't good and went to the walk in centre. Said my neck would get worse. Had a day off and slept and went back to work the next day and left to go to a&e. Had a ct scan which showed no lasting damage. I had really bad headaches and was disorientated. I have had an X-ray on my neck and have trouble remembering things and concentrating. I have been off work 3 weeks now and really want to go back to work in accounts, but I am so tired I can't stay awake all day. How long will I be like this

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Hard to say. Sounds like you might have sustained a brain injury. Perhaps others in this community can respond about this too.

I don't know how long you will be feeling as you currently do. Your body seems to be telling you something though - the tiredness etc. But good that you got yourself checked out with a scan. Keep in touch with your doctor.

Would have to agree with others that none of us really know .... and best get more medical advice to exclude anything else. Worth looking at some more info from headway - and asking about neuro community rehab team perhaps -they might just have some more leaflets/ suggestions for you. Wonder if you could try going back part time for now ? I had to give myself a good talking to about getting enough rest ( when I was well enough to think straight ) and treated myself like a baby - pulling bedtime back 15 mins every week from 7pm to a more "acceptable" 9pm . With the odd late night and slightly more sensible 10pm achieved now .....

It's early days for you - see gp/specialist , eat well and rest ....

Remploy might be worth talking to if you need help talking to your employer - or ask GP to get your sicknote to say "phased return required" .

Good luck


Hi and welcome :)

What you describe seems verybcincistent with many of the concussion posts on the forum. Do follow the advice from Moo and getbinntuch with Headway. I met several people through the neuro ward who had concussion but no brain bleed and yet had similar symptoms to people who had suffered strokes. Take it easy and do go back to the GP if necessary.

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As others have said hard to say if not happy perhaps you should go to GP

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