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Ive had it with next door !!!!


i have spotted more cracks by the back door, my phone is on charge so cant sent you the pictures.

What do I do when next door blares her music as I when I tried talking to her before she said I was too aggressive when I wasnt and she stuck a note in her window telling me that as part of the rental agreement she should be able to use her garden in peace, I also have a photo of this, it now makes me extremely anxious when I go to use the back garden (to the point of shaking as I am no longer on medication to control it) and I have the same right to use that back garden as well, she has also stuck crystals in the holes in the fence to stop "the evilness from next door", she was going to super glue them in, I poked them all out and now she has stuck toilet paper in, both Bristol Boiler and Dee and Mark in the next house can verify my claims, its gotten so back I feel the only the thing I can do it move but I dont want to, I dont get what Ive done wrong,.



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Write her a letter. Try to rise above her petty ways.

bexx87 in reply to Jaxs050783

I try to ignore but its getting on my nerves, the estate agent has said the following:

I am sorry to hear you’re experiencing these issues, it’s never pleasant to fall out with your neighbours. I can only advise contacting Bristol City Council to report the behaviour. If your other neighbours report it was well then they will take action to monitor the way the neighbour is treating you and any noise disturbances.

so I need to find out who I need to ask in work

I’d say sort it out yourself before contacting the council. I know that’s easier said than done but try.

You have been through worst things.

Keep your cool and speak to them.

bexx87 in reply to Jaxs050783

I know but I can pull strings in work :-p I will soon show her shes annoyed the wrong person im silent but deadly

bexx87 in reply to bexx87

I have spoken to next door and they agree with me on everything i have spoken To my local counillor who Said make a log which i have started And next door said she will talk to her tomorrow so i feel relieved that im not going cray cray

"Evil from next door" and crystals, the first thing that sprung to my mind was mental health problems, it certainly fits in to a genre of symptoms I've come across.

yes she has similar to pstd but I have told the estate I will do all of these things (bullets points) if you don't deal with it because I have power for who I work for and her response was:

Tt is a breach to cause offense, distress or anti-social behaviour to your neighbours under the tenancy agreements that we issue.

If you do want to make an official complaint about her, you can do so but would need to list exact instances so that we can intervene.

Hi bexx87. Be careful, maybe she needs help.

You can borrow my Rifle..... but the way the world is today, that, would only give you peace and quiet in a six by four with a tiny barred window... If you keep a diary, recordings and have other neighbours statements, sooner or later the council will have to do something to help you.... until then, put some 'phones on, imagine your holding a Lee Enfield smle and have a good supply of 'green spot' ammo, and you'll soon be smiling :-)

bexx87 in reply to 3fingeredjake

thanks she has (for the time being) calmed down shes had a go at next door a few times since

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