Why i dont remember anything about my car accident 14 years ago when im 8. I got head injury in the accident and another one when im 15

I was sleeping when it happen but im also dont remember anything before or after the whole day of the accident. I only remember a few second when im wake up on my sister on our way to the hospital. I got head injury at the back of my head from the accident and another one when i hit ceiling fan on the left front of my head. Now i think im very forgetful and careless. Im afraid it caused by those injuries. Am i just a normal forgetful person or i might have some problem?

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  • Loosing time/memories pre and after, is quite common, I lost a some time before the accident only a minute or so, I have some scattered though very weak, islands of memories none with any time or place associated, some audio only, all very weak.

    Took a few days before it was continuous I’d say at a hunch but since it didn’t snap back difficult to be exact.

    Some aspects of memory seem worse others unchanged.

    Though I’m having a cognitive assessment in a few weeks time which I’m assuming they will test this stuff, is this something you’ve had?

  • I never have a test. I never tell anyone about this because i thought it just a normal. Then i realize it was not to lost your wallet 3x or more a week,to lost the money 10 second after i got it. I want to go have a check but i dont know what/how to tell the doc.

  • I also dont remember anything in my chilhood before the accident and i have really few teenager memories/story. I think it worse because i cannot explain what i really feel.

  • Personally even though clearly a lot of time has passed since your accidents, it doesn’t sound like you ever had any rehab?

    I’m booked in to have cognitive testing and then on to cognitive assessment program, which will be 4 years since my accident during that month.

    A lot of the reason I asked is as time has passed I have realised that my memory and what not isn’t the same as other or like I was before, so the testing I hope will give me knowledge and closure as you where, and I suspect it might for yourself?

  • Memory loss is very common for people with a brain injury and it's normal to have no recollection of the event which caused it.

    The brain cannot make memories when it's damaged, and most people who've sustained a brain injury will tell you that they have no memory of their accident.

    Even now, all these years later, you'll be challenged by issues. I had a brain haemorrhage over 5 years ago and haven't seen much improvement in my memory since then. But I compensate with written reminders and alerts on my phone for important dates, and generally muddle through the rest of the time.

    If anyone asks Halom, you can safely say your forgetfulness is a direct result of your brain injury 14 years ago.

    Take care, Cat x

  • Yeah,i made lot of notes i but never read it and even remember i write it. Im also easily get distracted,cannot complete a long task because i always get distracted,abandon the task and completely forgot about it for days. Now i got drop out from college for the 4th time, i really cannot be independent, i want to prove to my family that i can go to college and successful and now they all give up and look me like i dont know how to say it. I think i need help and try to talk to doctor. But when i met a doctor ,i cannot remember what i want to tell before and get nervous and cancel my intentions.

  • If you need to talk to your doctor don't let confusion stop you. Either make notes of all the issues you need to discuss beforehand, or ask a member of your family to accompany you to help fill in the blanks. 😖

  • Hi Halom, your not alone in the problem with notes. I found this when I got a job. Making notes in my book, making notes in Outlook Reminder, Outlook Tasks, even e-mailing myself, but during the course of other things that have to be dealt with in a job, it's remembering to look at those notes, thats the hard thing. Organisation and memory totally out of the window! Probably the reason I no longer have a job.

  • Memory loss is very common as someone else said most people don't remember how they got BI. I don't remember mine I know what happened as I was in car accident and my insurance had to find out what happened but I don't remember it happening. I do remember everything else I was conscious during before and after. I know a man who had BI few month before me who didn't remember anything in his past before BI tho I'm assuming he does now as he did eventually get back to driving. I also know a woman who remembered how she got BI but now doesn't remember.

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