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Shunt installed finally

Shunt installed finally


Finally yesterday on 8th Aug the surgery was performed and the shunt installed to my brother in law. He is stable and active till now. While sister says he is more active than before surgery. With all your wishes we are expecting a good recovery. I was very tensed. Sister was crying all through the day till he came back after the surgery. Now he is shifted to a room from post op ICU.

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Danny it's good to hear that the surgery went well.

Here's hoping it's just the beginning of many good things to come.

Love n hugs



That should be Sanju


I have followed your posts , and so pleased operation was successful. Wishing Sanju a good recovery and an improved life for you all xx


That's great news Sanju ; now you can all look forward to some gradual improvements. It's so touching actually seeing the person and knowing the challenges his poor brain has faced.

Hope your lovely brother-in-law will see better days now that the CSF is being safely diverted. Best wishes to you all.

Love Cat xx


Hurray, now things should be getting better for you day by day. Each little improvement is to be celebrated. It will be slow, but hopefully you will see a little improvement each time you visit. Sending all good wishes to you and your family.


Hi Sanju, glad to hear it went well.

Best wishes to you all. K


Hello Sanju

So very pleased it went well and thank you for letter us see a photograph of your brother-in-aw. He looks very sad at the moment but it sounds like this procedure is eventually going to improve things.

Many many people here thinking of you all during these days which must be so horrid. But brighter things ahead.

Kind regards




That is brilliant news, Sanju and so nice of you to send us a picture of your brother in law : )

Sending best wishes to you all, Angela x


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