Does anyone of you have a shunt and if so have you had problems with a blocked shunt? Have your docs given you tips on how to keep the shunt unblocked?

Since '96, I had a shunt installed and it worked brilliantly up until 2005 where I had another op, this op was on my back. I had a cyst which I wouldn't be too surprised if it was linked to my original brain tumour. I have heard that beg ing tumours are likely to spread. And even though I had a cyst in my back, docs say a cyst is equivalent to a tumour.

Anyway, surgeons made a right cock up during the back op. A simple operation and they somehow yank my shunt out of place. So of course I had to have a replacement shunt and since 2005 I've had probs. had another op in 2006 and 08 and two in 2010. All has been OK since then, hopefully no more either.

So any suggestions or advice on the shunt would be great, thanks :).

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"One day, my friend woke up with an odd feeling in his arm. He went to the doctors and they diagnosed him with a CYST in his arm. After doing a little research himself on cysts, he decided to seek other people's SUGGESTIONS on them and how they generally treat them. After further research, my friend found that cysts are related to TUMOURS. This surprised him cos he had another friend who had one on his BRAIN, brain stem to be exact. This person had an OPERATION to remove the tumour.

So back to my friend, he had the cyst removed from his arm but a few years later was diagnosed with a BRAIN TUMOUR, poor soul. After having the tumour removed from his brain stem, he was then diagnosed a few years later with a TUMOUR in his leg! The end."


Matt the hospital should be the ones to give advice on caring for this. Since it appears quite some time has passed this really is a question for your doctor.


I didn't find the hospital very supportive, that's why I ask.

I am doing a good job to keep it clear now but wanted to hear what others would say.


Hi Matt

Sorry you are having trouble with your shunt. I have no experience of them so can't advise, but I am sure others will, or you could ask Headway. :)


Thanks hedgehog, I might just do that. I'm not having many problems with the shunt right now and hopefully will have no more but just wanted to know how others coped with a shunt really.


BOO!!! to the hospital they really should do better with this very important stuff... Is your GP not good either?


Yes, boo to the hospital. They really should be the ones to advise me straight away on it. Last time I was at the hospital referring the shunt, the doc told me that the only real way to tell if the shunt is blocked or blocking is by MRI scan. I found out from someone else at my local Headway a tip I can do for the shunt and docs never told me this bit of info before. My GP is good or rather was good, he has retired now. He gave me a little info and my current GP who I have met once has given me a little info. I just posted to see if there was any more info at all. Peoples' docs tell them different things it seems.


Info from docs CAN vary..but sometimes that might be simply because people and their medical circumstances are different enough to warrant different advice.

I would have thought this stuff was important enough that the hospital would insist on making sure the patient AND their NOK knows all about the shunt BEFORE the patient goes home...Its kind of scary to think this info was not given


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