Hi All just to let you know I have a appointment with a neurologist tomorrow been waiting a long time for this so it his important like it would be for us all. I think I need a proper diagnosis of my currant condition fatigue? dizyness a few weeks ago I fell down in Bathroom through it and bruised a rib painfull ! Another thing is a programe of treatment that is meaningfull which I have never had and better access to help which I have not had since my RTA in 2010 any body with any ideas? best wishes to all

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  • Hi.

    I hope everything goes well for tomorrow with the Neurologist.

    Yes try for the diagnosis as well.

    What Svs did you get in 2010 ??

    Have you had any further Svs since.

    It sounds like you have had it tough since your RTA.

    Please let me know if I can help you further ???


  • good luck chero mine was a complete arogant asshole. do you belong to to a headway group

  • Dear Steve Thanks for replying so promtly and yes I do belong to an Headway group a small one like i just told Steve49 I am keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow

  • Lol, ya sure we don't have the same one Steve ? ! x

  • st richards chichester angel, my wife told him his condisending behaviour was making me worse and that it wasnt a good idea to wind me up any further

  • Comanchero I hope it all goes well for you... It is easy to build this appointment up into a really big thing (I know we did) so to avoid any disappointment it may help to be prepared for them not to have all the answers you need ..and if they do have all the answers it will be a huge bonus ;)

  • Dear iforget many thanks for your reply I will bear in mind what you say

  • Hi Comanchero.

    Spend some time tonight writing down a list of things you want to know.

    Make them into questions and leave space for very short answers. Make sure that one of them is to ask to get a copy of the report.

    What type of rehab you would prioritise? List it as well.

    Hope it all goes well.

    Love n hugs


  • Dear random phantoms Thank you for replying so quickly to my post I have done as you said and written a list of questions and left a space for a brief reply. My Sister is going with tomorow with me so two of us can listen and support I useually ask for a copy of any reports all the very best

  • Hope it goes well - are you taking someone with you ? Write all your questions and answers down . Ask for an email address if you can - I used the consultant's email to get answers about things I had forgotten to ask ...

    good luck


  • Dear moo196 as you said I have written a list of things to ask at my appointment a good idea consultants e-mail address to get answers well thank you for repyling so quickly

  • Hi Comanchero, you sound well prepared and have your sister's support : )

    Great that you ask for copies of reports. Best of luck x

  • Dear Comanchero, I totally agree with all the above advice, never give up, keep asking questions and pushing, pushing, my final sign-off appointment with my neurologist was completed with, 'General trend is re-assuring', I wrote that down, and stuck it on the fridge door. I still couldn't walk straight, had massive fatigue....thought i was going mad. Keep trying alternative treatments, they are the only ones that have helped me, the conventional paths have not helped a jot, and Hedway has been my life-saving prop, nobody else explained things like they do. Good luck xxx

  • Hello Comanchero, Jules here

    Let us all know how things went with your appointment




  • hi jules thanks for reply not a very succesful day

  • ok chero how did every thing go mate

  • dear steve appointment could have gone better deciding what to next do thanks for replying

  • Hi.

    Sorry about the appointment is there anything that I can help with ???


  • Dear Steve thanks for reply I do not know what help I need just yet but offer much appreciated

  • Hi.

    No probs.

    I'm here for when & if you need "help & support"


  • well keep us informed chero, this an online family here to support one one another

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