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Hospital not hearing us

I am here at the hospital again after a 5 hour journey we make weekly to see my son. We have found him in despair and falling into depression. he is just left to languish in bed - no chair by his bed so he can sit out for a while. They are waiting for a rehab bed to become vacant, but only in this hospital we are told it could be weeks. We constantly request for him to be moved nearer to his family but are told it's monetary and who pays for my sons rehab which is the county where he is registered with a doctor so he cannot be moved. None of his family are less than 3 hours away from this hospital, he needs to be nearer to us for us to visit him and support him but again nobody listens. I am really scared we will come one week and he will have sank into a deep depression. Today he has been crying and pleading with us to get him out of here, we don't know who to go to or which way to turn. Nobody seems to want to deal with it.

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Have you talked with the people at Headway about what else you can do to remedy the situation?


I have not done so I. A few weeks but will contact them again on Tuesday. Thank you for replying


Cotton, please phone 111 for details of your nearest PALS to the hospital your son's at now, and also the one nearest to where you'd like him to be.

Also, phone Headway on 0808 800 2244 to see if they can assist you. And, if it were my son, I'd be speaking to MPs of constituences at both ends of this issue ; it's time to call in help from all available sources if you're going to be heard above the present groans in the NHS.

Keep badgering them, so they know you're not going away 'til your son's in a safe place closer to family.

Good luck ; I really hope someone will hear you soon, and act. Cat x


So sorry to hear this Cotton. Can only endorse Cat's comments and simply say you are in my thoughts and prayers tonight. Clare x


Have you been able to speak to the consultant about it? If he is becoming depressed that may impact upon his rehab and recovery so the consultant may support you from a medical perspective.

I would also email a formal complaint to the hospital CEO and the Chair of the Board of the Trust, and send copies of any MP correspondence to them as well. I would ask for a clear statement from the hospital as to exactly what the issue is that is preventing a move.

Suggesting that you wiĺl need to involve the press if things cannot be resolved sometimes sharpens the focus.


Hello All, And a big thank you for all replies, I was in a real tiz yesterday when I wrote the post. I do hate complaining as they do try to do their best and when my Son Was in NCU the care he received was excellent.

When we arrived at the hospital concerned this morning we had a meeting with the coordinator and thus far and immediately going forward was informed - we have to wait for a bed in the hospital rehabilitation ward to become available. This could be in days, weeks, or months. It appears this is the only option open to my Son and us as there are no places out of area that will fund my Son as he is registered with the GP in the particular area, the hospital is in. The "powers that be" admit this is not ideal for my Son,as he is bored and becoming very depressed but nothing they can do. When he arrives at rehab he will be assessed and his needs will be better met. And then moving forward when a decision over where my Son needs to live permanently and what level of care his need will be, it will be Socials responsibility, which lets NHS off the hook re responsibility and then they say we may then stand a chance of him being moved nearer to us. So, until then we must hope he doesn't get any more depressed and we carry on making our weekly journeys. I will of course keep all your advice in mind and if things haven't improved and moved on during the next few weeks we will start to persue a different route with the hospital concerned.


Oh poor you, and your son too. I am guessing here but it sounds like he has been referred to a specialist rehab placement. If this is so then beds are like gold dust and then there is funding which would be via his GP/social services.

Meanwhile you dear son is caught and waiting in an environment that is wholly unsuited to his needs.

The suggestions to speak with PALS, your MP and his consultant are valid. Does your son have a social worker? Do you have a good rapport with the staff. at least so you can air your frustrations. You could also look for Carers Support. PALS should have info on this and there may be flyers in the hospital.

See how you go. Xxx best wishes x


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