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14 Yr old daughter has woken up from coma


Hi Everyone,

Amy open her eyes today for the first time since the accident 8 weeks ago today. I was alerted that this had happened when I heard one of the children-inpatient, on the ward shouting for a nurse, as I was walking back onto the ward itself earlier this afternoon I was over the moon.

She hasn't said anything yet because she keeps going back to sleep every 5mins after waking up

Will keep you updated

Laura Amy's mum

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Dear Laura, what wonderful news. You must be elated seeing Amy coming back from her coma, and quite breathless with the excitement. I hope this is the beginning of the recovery phase for your girl and that you'll see more encouraging signs every day.

Please accept my sincere best wishes for Laura's continued progress ; there might still be a fair way to go but this is such a significant cause for hope.

Please keep us updated on further progress. Cat xx

Hi Laura,

Fantastic news, so very very pleased for you and her dad.

I wish you all the best and have fingers and everything crossed for you, that you continue to see steady progress with Amy.

Take care


Hello Laura

That's wonderful news! I can understand how exhausted she must be and probably disorientated too.

It is great that you are there to support her during her recovery.

I can't tell you enough just how important and invaluable it is to have caring and supportive people around when your body is recovering from any kind of trauma or shock.

Best wishes,


how wonderful for you. It's very early days and you have a long way to go, but just rejoice at each step. Let us know how she gets on.

Fantastic! onwards and upwards.And all the very best to all of you xxx

Good to hear! Practically speaking (I was in this position 26 years ago after a horse-riding accident wearing a jockey crash cap which cracked and saved my life) I would advise you to start a diary about how she is each day and what happens as this detail does reveal things about the unique brain injury she is battling; otherwise is it all forgotten! Try to not have specific expectations but be 'mindful' of developments each day. Her brain is doing its best, the No1 need is sleep (she will lose lots of weight and just needs basic nutrition and those things shown to assist the brain to repair). Neurologists are unable to make any predictions as every brain injury is unique. They can only consider action if something shows up on a scan like a bleed... so try not to judge them too harshly. Your loving presence and unsurpassed vigilance is key now. Thinking of you all.

Oh bless ! Wonderful news, Laura : )

Sending all good wishes for continued improvement x Angela x

Hi Laura,

Thats fantastic news my prayers are with you and your family. Nick Xx

Such great news! You must be so relieved. Best wishes. And yes keep a diary as another member mentioned.

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