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Can I scuba???

Hi guys,

Firstly I want to say thank you for all the responses to my first post last week 'bop on the head'. I was blown away by the supportive feedback.

I am still waiting for my MRI scan results and appointment with my neurologist but due to fly to oz on Friday. I have booked a scuba diving experience as part of my trip to Cairns; should I be diving?

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You need to be careful that you are not in breach of any insurance, you must declare exactly the position your"bop on the head" has left you. Don't give any insurance cover the chance to refuse a claim.



for Scuba it will be, epilepsy (the chance of) and any altered change in cognition.

My hunch (but you'd need to check with the holiday medical list) is you'd pass due to no fracture of skull or bleeds in the brain, this said in your other post you sound like your still recovering, with your head still feeling sore and uncomfortable if your moving it, I'd be cautious.

My head felt like that for months, I found I couldn't ride the bike I had been using it put too much pressure on my head, even gentle ride to work. oddly on the MTB even quite vigorous riding was fine where I was moving my head, and rattling along.

It's very easy to rush things, I stubbornly refused to yeald and got myself into a right state a number of times in the first year, still do occationaly! though by this time its more calculated ie I know what I'm doing, I want to do FOO but I know it's going to be hard and i'll pay for it for possibly days after.


You could opt for snorkelling instead, still amazing. I went 4 years ago, it was great.

Take it easy and enjoy



I wouldn't....just in case. I know it's something off limits to me , along with high altitude.

Irrespective of insurance....if it were to affect any undiagnosed condition then insurance could at best pay for repatriation .....

Think I would stick to the snorkelling as suggested and enjoy :-)


Your post got me worried - I've not booked a dive trip but I definitely want to dive again. So I googled whether its safe to dive after a TBI and discovered this website which is really helpful: alertdiver.com/_dan_medics_...

So three years after a severe head injury - I've got a while to wait until I can dive again!


Snorkelling is great. We all have to adjust our lives after these things happen to us. I love snorkelling. Have never dived. :)


Hi Dancer,

As others have said I would be very careful especially with the insurance. After mu bi last May I told my insurance company that id had a brain injury and that I was signed off driving for 12 weeks they were absolutely fine and very pleased I had told them as that would have gone against me if I hadn't. I would be cautious about scuba diving as being under water will cause pressure on the scull, Check with your GP or consultant first. If in doubt ask. N xx


In short, yes you can Scuba dive after a TBI. I am Dive leader (BSAC) currently ticking off qualifying dives for my Advanced Diver certification plus starting to train on my recently acquired rebreather kit. Many dive organisations require a dive medical if you've had a head injury in the past 5 years due to slightly increased chance of epilepsy but none prevent you from scuba diving once this is undertaken. Dive Medicals cost approximately £50 and suitable 'dive doctors' details can be found by contacting BSAC. Although snorkelling in Cairns is good, I've always wished I had tried diving there when I was there instead. Snorkelling at Cairns 15 years ago was what encouraged me to learn to dive so I could return to Cairns and dive there. I'd get a dive medical prior to your trip and arrange a try dive or ocean diver (BSAC) or open water (PADI) course before traveling there. You won't regret it! Above all enjoy your trip!


Additionally I forgot to mention, I suffered TBI 4.5 years ago, GCS 3 on admission to hospital and a PTA in excess of 21 days. Despite this I have been scuba diving for the past 3 years with over 50 dives down to 45m with no problems on the dives.


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