Hi Jan here

Thank you all so much for your support, I was shocked to receive so many replies and that people really do care. I appreciate everything that people have said and realize now that there is different points of view and understand how it is perceived. Thank you all once again. Oh, one of my Son's carers was an instant dismissal this week for abusive and threatening behavior toward him. What a world. Fed up at the moment, but so proud of Ade (son) as he put the complaint in himself using his light-writer, (he cannot talk) and he went through all the appropriate steps himself. SO PROUD. Janxxx

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  • So proud of you! take care

  • thank you so much jan x

  • What a world indeed Jan !

    But well done to Ade for standing up for himself ; I'm sure it must have been reassuring for you.

    Best wishes to you both....................love Cat x

  • Thank you cat lv Jan x

  • Well done to Ade !! :-) ...

  • Thank you from us both lv Jan x

  • Thank you

    Love Jan x

  • Yes isn't it a world. Well done Jan and God bless you Ade. XX Nick

  • Thank You Nick jan xxx

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