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Queen sing- a- long

Is this my new life?

Is this just fantasy?

Nowhere to hide,

Writing a new ditty.

Open my eyes,

Look up to the ceiling and see,

I'm just an ill man, I feel only apathy,

Because I've a queasy tum, wheezy blow,

Little sigh, little glow,

Anyway my wind blows doesn't really splatter the sheets, the sheets.

Mama, just grilled a ham,

Forgotten to buy any bread,

Mustard, go figure, the ketchup’s red.

Mama, life has just begun,

My brain had gone and blown it all away.

Mama, whooo?

Didn't mean to forget I’d died

If my mind’s not back this time tomorrow,

Carry on, carry on as if my skull was never battered.

Do wait, my drugs have come,

Sent shivers down my spine,

My head is aching all the time.

Could cry, everybody, Nurofen I’ll give a go,

Gotta leave the pain behind, or I’ll hit the roof.

Mama, whooo? (bloody hell, my wind blows),

Anusol I wanna buy,

I sometimes wish I'd never had piles at all.

I’ll go into Netto if I can,

With a whoosh, with a whoosh, just how well will the cream go?

I’m such a dolt, it’s frightening,

It’s very enlightening, for me.

(Simon Mayo) Simon Mayo.

(Simon Mayo) Simon Mayo,

Simon Mayo Hercule Poirot

Sebastian Co—o-o-o-o-e.

I'm just a ill man, somebody loves me.

He's just an ill man from a normal family,

Spare him from the NHS pomposity.

Little sigh, little blow, what the hell do I know?

Sleep killer! No, we will not let you go. (On a go slow!)

Sleep killer! We will not let you go. (Life has no flow!)

Sleep killer! We will not let you go. (Feel very low!)

Will not let you go. (Broken toe!)

Never, never let you go

Never let me go, oh.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Oh, pizzeria, Brighton Pier (aching ear, just bloody go.)

The local pub no longer has a devil put aside for me, for me, for me.

So you think you can moan about me and say goodbye?

So you think you can shove me and hang me out to dry?

Oh, maybe, can't do this to me, maybe,

Just developed gout, just gotta shout out of pure fear.

(Oh, yeah, oh yeah)

Only getting fatter,

Anyone can see,

Nobody really chatters,

Only writing crap matters to me.

Anyway, my wind still blows.

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LOL! That's a BI opus.


Thanks! :)


Awesome dude!

Only problem is I kept mixing the real words with yours as I read it to music in my mind.

Totally tripping by the time I reached the end.

How's the new pills for you?

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I've given up, knocked them on the head (no pun intended) they were turning me into a zombie. Plus they were prescribed to prevent headaches and two days ago I had one that was the worst for years, a real crippler.

And my wife also asked me stop taking them as I looked awful and wasn't functioning well at all.

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Got to admit I only had them just after being discharged from hospital, for a few weeks. I couldn't get out of the bath on my own, I was still seeing stars etc, so I'm sure for myself at that point they worked, mainly knocking me out at night.

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They knocked me so far sideways, the Baroness asked me to cease the course...


Shame they did seem to work, with in that narrow window for myself, in fairness at that point I was very sideways any how, still literally seeing stars in my eyes etc.


Oh my life :D that's the one :) I'm going to have to learn that one......Simon Mayo Simon Mayo .....so glad I didn't try to read it in public - saved it for the safety of my own house - just as well, so funny . I'll let you know how it goes when I sing t to my husband...........it's got me thinking though - don't suppose you know 'Band on the run' by Wings? It's asking to be considered for inclusion on your new album.

Stuck inside these four walls ........ Stuck inside forever ........

Or maybe somethng more recent .

........Clap your hands if you feel like happiness is the truth (because I'm snappy)

clap your hands if you feel like a room without a roof -

No hold on ...........no need to change the words of that - I alresdy feel like a room without a roof, lol :)

Have a good weekend :)


Leave it with me, I'll think of something :D


fab! Well done!


Thanks, you're very kind :)


Hahaha, brilliant, I'm still singing it after reading it...I'll be singing it all day now! Sooo me! Good work yet again! :)


You flatter me, my head is swelling :D

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Yes needs all the baron, singing in the dark, just showing their faces - Simon Mayo, Simon mayo


Are you suggesting I make my own video??? :)


Britains GOt Talent, ah by you not keen on Ant and Dec, so guess it be a no no, before Simon Cowell has even started 😬


I'd just blank the geordie idiots :)


Ha ha ha excellent.


Thank you!


Cheers, thank you!


great great great!


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