How the mighty fall - and a bit of fun

So I've always had a great sense of direction (that's me blowing my own trumpet about something I 'used to be' good at ......parp!) , anyway moving swiftly on, I came across an article about brain fitness - or in my case - lack of it, and the journalist was promoting a new free app wvuch is intended for Dementia Reserach purposes, but us also recommended as a brain training app. As well as offering benefits to users - the results of usage are fed back to an Alzheimer's Scientufuc Study Group and therefore just by playing - you can contribute to their research programme. I've had a go and althogh I'm really not interested in games per se - far from it, it's mildly addictive ha ha :)

I also discovered through using it that my sense of right & left has completely disappeared,as has my short term 'remember the directions' ability. This is a great shame - but probably the least of my wirries right now. Anyway - have a look for it and uve it a go if you're interested. It's called Sea Hero Quest. Available free with no adverts or annoying pop ups in the App Store :) Have a good weekend everyone :)

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  • Will defo look for that Hun,xx

  • Hi Elenor this game has already been posted about, quite recently but I can't remember who brought it to the forum. I got it then, it's quite fun but not the usual game I go for. But if it helps research great.

    Janet x

  • Oops :) the minute I read your reply, I remembered.....yes someone else has already mentioned it. I was in a cafe on Wednesday and there was a Times newspaper on the table someone had left behind. I haven't read a newspaper in almost a year,mso i picked it up and there was this little feature about the app and the research programme. I instantly thought - I must share that with everyone :) ..short term memory strikes again ha ha ha ☺️ Another reason I need to play it lol :) My big problem seems to be the level where you choose where to send the rockets to. I haven't gotten one of these right yet and am so certain about my choice that on the first couple I thought the app must be wrong - typical of my new rigid thinking pattern :( I would never have gotten this type of thing wrong in the past. I've also discovered that I'm referring to my left as right and my right as left. It's not that I don't know my left from right, I'm using the wrong word to refer to each side. I'll have to get the neurologist to change al his notes next time I see him because I've been telling him the wrong side when discussing head pains and headaches. (Unless he's ignored what I've said and gone by the side I was pointing to at the time) nothing's simple.........

  • Hi Elenor, I too am having problems with my right and left. Not normally my kind of game but I'll dip in and out of it. My favourites are mah Jong, solitaire I'm not as keen on sudoku now because I have a problem with numbers now, I think 3 and write 8 or 5 and can even put the numbers in the wrong boxes, very challenging now but not impossible . I love Wasgij jigsaws too, I have loads, there's not enough energy in the day for what I want to do😀.

    I used to make jewellery and still do but it's much more challenging now, the fine motor skills have suffered. Years ago I did lace making too and I intend to resurrect that in the future. Just when I don't know because following patterns is challenging, I rewrite knitting patterns in a format I can follow more easily.

    I find newspapers hard to read now, the type is small and all those lines words confuse my brain. I like to read on my kindle although it took me a few days to learn how to use that again when I was able to, I'd even forgotten how to switch it on!!!

    Happy puzzling

    Janet x

  • Hi Janet :) I confess I think I'm complaining when I shouldn't as lots of things still work (or at least im trying to recover the skills needed to do things) but I find t worrying when I don't realise I've been doig something wrong and then find out later. Then I worry about other things I've said or done and it makes me feel sick thinking : how did I not know I was doing that? The left / right issue is one such thing. I'm not allowed to drive since my accident - but playing this little Sea Heroes game has highlighted what a major issue I had which hadnt been picked up in neurology tests - so it came as quiet a shock. I've always been brilliant with spatial awareness / direction finding etc - so it also feels like a bit like 'what the heck are you doing getting THat wrong?'. I know it's not the end of the world compared to the teribek things other people have to put up with - but it's going to be a barrier to going back to work if I don get it sorted. I'm just amazed at myself for nt noticing sooner. My son now informs me that he's noticed me doing it for a while!! I wonder if you have to take a test to get your license back or if you're allowed to just apply for it when you're ready? I've been avoiding sudoku as I gave myslef a headache to end all headaches trying to do one way back in the early days. My numeracy has definitely suffered - but like other things - keepig on trying and trying and practising to hopefully gt back to where I was befor bi. One thing I've realised is that no one else can do it for me - it's all down to me now. I'll look up the other things you mention - learning new things is also good exercise for your brain :) have a good week xx

  • I'll have a go...

  • Just had a quick go apparently a days research, fairly fun. did miss one turning since the angle of view is narrow and screen on phone isn't huge. thus far it's only 3 flags if it goes behond that my memory will fail.

    thus far it's fairly easy just about half way though golden shores.

    My short term memory for places etc in real life is uneffected though I may not be able to remeber what the street name/number is

  • On top of that lumosity have just launched a new game also based on navigation.

    Love n hugs


  • Thanks so much :) based on my performance in Sea Heroes - I think I better down load that as well :)

  • When returning home from hospital I had to ask where I was! No memories regarding geography, here is how I have attempted to explain how things are.

    Thanks for the info., I will give it ago!

  • Thank you for the link :) lovely video. I must confess I'm struggling now I've reached the later stages of the Sea Hero game. I feel sure some things are sent to try us ha ha - serves me right for telling my boys not to be upset when they were younger and coukdny finish a level on theyr computer game :) I'm so silly ....... After repeated attempts of one if the levels I burst into tears 'cos I coukdbt do it......soooo frustrating - what a silly billy I am though :) letting it get to me like that, it's just a game. It's probably the fear that I'll never be able to remember properly.......must go lie in a darkened room and get over myself lol :)

  • Take care pal, I use Lumosity, a brain training to start with I would write a shopping list; go shopping with what turned out to be a strange, unreadable list! Grim stuff; I didn't like my first attempts on Lumosity but it has been really encouraging to see how brain training has, and is helping. They send me a training reminder email! Makes me do it! All I am really attempting to say is you are really not alone, it's not easy to devote time to oneself but we need it! xxxx

  • Thanks so much :) I'll definitely look for that. Yes it certainly is difficult to remembet to devote time to getting yourself well, and evrn to find the motivation. It almost seems like the more you learn to cope in unusual ways and get some semblance of a life back - the less important it seems to improve things for yourself / it's like letting you'd tld just sink till you find a level and then muddle along the bottom. I can see now why 'celebrity' people sometimes have good recoveries - they have a team if people coming in to motivate them, organise their recovery programme, make it all happen. Left to my own devices I've let everythjg slide. I had a really good OT at first (she's still wonderful but no longer visits now that I'm walking / talking / independent, so I've let go a lot if things I was making myself do when she was visiting every week. I don't know where my motivation has gone :). It's the path of least resistance I guess - such is life x

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