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Stop and stare

A few weeks after getting a head injury I found myself lying on a sofa, putting my laptop to one wide and staring at the wall for the next few hours, my mind largely blank. In the that happened several times that year but hasn't happened for a good while now, I usually know when I need a rest and my subconscious doesn't need to make me do it.

According to my favourite head injury book Brainlash (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Brainlash-Maximize-Recovery-Brain-Injury/dp/1932603409) it's not uncommon and if it happens you should just let it as needed.

This week I had surgery on my eye to get rid of the double vision I gained along with the head injury. It was a general anesthetic and these things have a habit of taking away your physical strength. In the week since I've found myself stopping and staring a few times. My body knows when it needs to recover. Have some good music and a comfy bed ready seems to be a good idea.

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Hi JR, hope you get your strength and vision back asap.

Lots of rest.

Thanks for the link to Brainlash.

Take care. K


It takes longer than people think for a general anaesthetic to leave our systems often causing lethargy and dizziness.

I wish more folk would stand & stare occasionally instead of rushing through life without ever having a single soul-full thought.

I hope your eyesight is improving day on day Jonathan so you can finally dispense with that (rather interesting) patch ! xx

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Yes I agree with Cat that getting over an anaesthetic does take longer than we realize and the length of time can also depend on how long we were anesthetised for as well as well as other factors. Then if there are other conditions such as brain injury then the recovery can take longer.

Good to hear that you recognize when you need to go with your mind with the 'blank' out and have worked out the stratagies that you need to get through and recover. Am looking forward to hearing if the eye surgery has worked and improved things for you.

Best wishes

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Thanku for the link to the book :) will hVe a look. Have a good week x


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