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Any medication/symptom advice?

Hi all, I had an head injury over a year ago (head first down 15 stone stairs) not the best end to a party 😂

Anyway fortunately I didn’t do any damage but I was diagnosed with Post Concussion Syndrome. I’m doing so much better (the first three months I found it hard to even work out how to make a cuppa, find words and couldn’t walk to the shops without it being too much for my brain).

I’m back to most things before but I still have bad days. I know I’ve done too much when I get that thumping head (sore to touch at the back), ringing in my ears and my eyes just heavy like my brain needs to shut down. I’m wiring on here to ask if anyone else still gets it (so long after their injury) and how do people manage with the symptoms? I was taking ibruopfren daily but I know that’s not good for your stomach. Anyone found any better meds to help with the thumbing head? Jenny

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My client has just reached 12 months after a concussion injury and they're still experiencing headaches and other physical symptoms along with cognitive problems.

They had an assessment with a Neurologist who also made a referral to a Neuropsychologist who will test to see if they have cognitive problems as well.

My client hadn't seen a Neurologist before, so if it's the same for you ask your GP to make a referral.

As we're talking about a brain injury, medication is a particularly difficult question, you really need personalised medical advise.

It may be detrimental to try something which hasn't taken into account your personal injury


What works for one often has no effect on another. My sister-in-law uses a single dose of Paracetamol to relieve a banging headache whereas it does nothing for me.

I use CoCodamol for all types of pain, but the problem of resistance from over-use has reared it's head once more, meaning I have to stop it for a few weeks. I can't tolerate Ibuprofen owing to gastritis.

I haven't found help from any medical professional for headaches other than the Codeine. But avoiding triggers such as alcohol, stress & generally overdoing things (whilst keeping well hydrated and oxygenated) were the standard instructions after my brain haemorrhage.

Sorry can't be more help Jenny ; maybe your GP might have some ideas ? Just be sure to avoid taking the Ibuprofen on an empty stomach !

Cat x


Thank you to you both! Funny enough I’ve booked to see my GP this week, planning to ask for a neurology referral.... so hopefully I’ll get some answers! 😀 Thank you sealiphone, I’m actually a psychologist myself so I’ve got that side covered ... pacing is the best advise i can give (or have used myself) but it is very frustrating at times!!!

Yes I think it’s reassuring to hear that other people still have symptoms and thank you cat, you’re right preventing them is prob the easiest thing to do! Yes I read a research paper recently that spoke about the tolerance or cocodamol and actually can cause more pain when that happens. I’m sorry you have to stop it for a while, the paper was talking about benefits of exercise but not sure if that would be helpful for you?! X


Jenni3, this will make you smile/laugh but pacing is only one facet.

If you can identify your particular dysfunction and then identify where these particular skills are being put under stress, avoidance along, with pacing if you have to do the task is a better pincer approach.


jenni3 have you suffered any siezurs? while youre waiting for appointment with your gp, try this, work in the morning, then relax until the following afternoon when you start again.

relax means doing things you enjoy as well as sleeping.

steve x


Did you try diet? Tina M Sullivan Nourish Your Noggin Book for PCS recovery. It's not expensive and has great recipes.

Hope this helps



Thank you everyone, they are really useful suggestions!! There are definitely things that are more demanding sealiphone and I’ll bare that in mind and build in some ‘relax’ time Steve :0). No thankfully no seizures but there is the tendency to keep on going which leaves you just feeling fried at the end of the day so I like that idea of breaking up the day.

Jayne thank you too for the book idea! I’ve been trying to build in more omega 3 and protein so any recipe ideas that helps with that would be good! X


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