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Still coming to terms...

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Hi all. I had a traumatic head injury many years ago (1990) when I was 16 - I got hit by a speeding car and was knocked unconscious. I did recover in the hospital that same night and was discharged (with a few stitches in my head) the following day, but I have never recovered from what happened to me.

I have never been able to work out if it is brain damage, or the psychological effects of being hit, but I have struggled ever since with the trauma, stress and anxiety. It was never followed up at the time, nobody would listen to me, but even now I have problems. I can't sleep, I cry a lot, I have nightmares and have never been able to move on.

Does anyone else have similar experiences?

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You could have pituitary and/or hypothalamus damage, which is a common side-effect of brain injury or whiplash.

You would need thorough testing to find out if you are under-producing or over-producing any of the things that the pituitary or the hypothalamus is supposed to produce. I don't know how you would get a doctor interested in doing this though.

Thanks. I'll try again. That link is useful.

Hi Steviemac, it beggars belief that someone can be discharged from hospital without any kind of observation done just because you appear to have recovered. More is known now about the effects of head injury, you need to try to pursue this with your GP, it is not going to be easy, but persevere and push for a neurological referral, as human bean says you need to have tests done to try to get to the bottom of this.

Having said that I have been refused tests on my pituitary function because" my thyroid function is in the normal range" not sure if it therefore follows all my hormones are normal but hey ho!!!!!

Please do your best to get a referral, it may all make sense then.

Janet x

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Steviemac73 in reply to Kirk5w7

Thanks for this, I have tried in the past but will go back and try again. Unfortunately my parents were extremely reluctant to let me get help at the time, I think because they thought more information would only make me worry. I wish I had been stronger at the time and insisted I went back to the hospital.

As it's turned out, the not knowing has probably done more to ruin my life than anything.

I appreciate your reply.

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humanbean in reply to Kirk5w7

Kirk5w7 , You could join the Thyroid UK forum, here on HealthUnlocked, and see what the members on there think about such comments from doctors. You'll discover that "your results are normal" is a common finding that doesn't impress many of the members.

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Kirk5w7 in reply to humanbean

Thanks, I am aware that the "normal" range is quite a wide one for our GPs and it probably doesn't mean anything. We get so tired of virtually banging our heads against brick walls though don't we. If they'd just do all these tests routinely whilst we are in hospital it'd help no end wouldn't it?

Thanks for the link, I'll mull it over.


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susie100 in reply to Kirk5w7

Discharge from hospital after a few hours seems about right! I was told my daughter could go to school within the week, but to expect headaches. If only!

Hi Stevie and welcome.

It could also be PTSD especially as you seem to have been aware of needing help and not getting any.

26 years is a very long time to be fighting the symptoms without help.

Ring the Headway helpline and have a chat with them.

Love n hugs


Thanks Random. It's been a hard struggle, I sometimes feel totally overwhelmed by what's happened to me. I'll call Headway, I have emailed but a chat may be better.

Thanks - and hugs to you too. x

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bexx87 in reply to Steviemac73

you can also see if there is a headway group in your local area

Hi - subtle TBI (traumatic brain injury), DAI (diffuse axonal injury) - labels used for my daughter by a neurologist seen privately, six years after she was hit by a car. This has now led to a NHS GP looking into a referral to UCL hosptial for a special MRI scan not available locally. Before this, the poor girl was told by everyone that there was nothing wrong physically. By the way, the neurologist said he has never seen a brain injury without accompanying psychological issues of some sort as they go hand-in-hand, so what you describe could be expected.

Good luck.

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Steviemac73 in reply to susie100

Thank you. I've felt so scared and alone with all this for so long. It's good that you are supporting your daughter, I expect that will make a big difference to the outcome.


I suggest you see your doctor who may be able to help and also ask for a referral to a neuropsychologist. :)

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