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Well hey there

Hey all! How are we this FINE Thursday night? I got a job at the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council! Start on 20th June, so exciting stuff.

Finish uni in a couple of months too, which is sad because I'll miss everyone, but 6 years is enough. Job's going to be a tough challenge, because saying "I don't feel great" isn't going to cut it I think.

Although my parents did ask today how I was feeling, and I did honestly say how bitter I feel. I told them how much people say "you're so lucky to (insert comment about being alive)", which I know you're all very familiar with, and said that it makes me feel no better. I'm just settled with it all I suppose. 

I haven't been around much but I'll try and catch up with you all!


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Wishing you all the luck in the world and hoping this will be the start of something wonderful.   


Nice one, very well done! Good for you.

Best wishes,



Best of luck with your lob! Well done!

Keep well. 



Great news well done.


Brilliant news and well done Ben for securing the job. So many seem to finish uni and not manage that.  Yes I can so relate to that very crass comment 'you are lucky to have survived' accompanied by the opinion that that makes life ok and you should accept your daily struggles! Get that thrown at me regularly!!!!  I flustered someone only the other day when I responded with 'actually life is frequently so difficult now with a brain injury that I often wish I had just slipped away and died when in the coma'. Instead of acknowledging that is how it can be they then try and justify why I shouldn't have that attitude or thought.  I admire your determination and commitment to the 6 yrs at uni managing and completing your studies. It will have been a huge challenge and far from easy but you have got there Ben!

Very best wishes


Well done with the job. Try not to (I know this is almost impossible) feel that you have to get everything right at work and don't be conscious of all the errors we make and things we forget. Normal people make mistakes too but to us the smallest think they brush off makes us feel like we have failed, when in fact nobody notices because the small errors are actually normal human behaviour. 

I've been working for a Swedish company where the culture is "hey, everybody makes mistakes" and this has helped my massively. 

Take care. 


Fantastic news :) well done and very good luck with your new job.


Lol pmsfl omg ha ha ha have never burst out laughing before. 😂 best explain YOUR SO LUCKY YOUR SO LUCKY TO BE ALIVE . On my fb page it's put as my worst quote. I have never ever seen that since I banned it years ago. It annoyed me so much it was banned from being said in my house or you were kicked out, simple as. Years ago the carers were warned on the phone NEVER to say that. 

Eeeeeee Ben can't believe you made me smile, very hard to do. 

I've just realised you have put that comment on for support and I just had a massive rant

Anyway I think from my reaction I understand lol. It's going to be really hard now everything is changing including friends. Totally understand and your better than me cause I couldn't do it. ALWAYS REMEMBER your so lucky 😆


Iv just seen I've not mentioned anything to do with the job ect I promise I will put more supportive comment next time, you have just thrown me x


Great news! good luck with everthing! 


Rock on !!!!


Very well done and have a wonderful career for many many years to come.

Love n hugs



Great news! Well done xx


Ben, that sounds like a fab job and after 6 years of hard work , you have more than earned it ! Wishing you continued success in your new role : )

Angela x


Well done Ben. Kx


Well done you, that sounds excellent and I'm sure you will find a way to manage, especially when it is something you really want to do.  It obviously won't be easy, I reduced my hours at work so that I could manage the other 4 days (mostly) and no it isn't easy but I am doing my best to make sure I rest up when I need to.



So to aid the transition from Uni life to work life you are obviously going to need some work place adjustments - mini bar, pizza oven and a jacuzzi. When they are installed in your office we can all come round and make sure you aren't being disadvantaged.

All the best in your new career


What a champion you are Ben !  You've made it through Uni with merit and I hope this will be the start of a happy & successful career.  The job description really suits you BTW !

I've already been singing your praises to a young friend (age 20) who's just had an AVM discovered and a bleed.  Wait 'til I tell her where you're up to now.

Love & best wishes for this next challenging phase of your life.  Cat x


Hi Ben, 

You may remember me from back in the day. I have been on this site has Leslie Dilks, Hannah S, and currently I'm CindyBurton10  I won't go into the whys of the name change, because it's tedious   I hope you remember in the early days we swapped stories re our AVM's    

Any ways.... I'm chuffed for you Ben and wish you good luck and loads more. I'm certain you will do well and make yourself and your parents very proud which I'm sure they are already 😃  Live long and prosper 🖖

Hey and I was told this week my AVM friend of 8 plus years has gone  The consultants words at Sheffield Hallamshire...." You'll be pleased to know it's been ablitererated" 

Take care young man 👌😃


well done Ben brilliant news xx


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