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Just to let you all know the man from PIP has just been to see me, he was extremely nice, he did say it could take up to 6/ 7 to hear anything. So it’s a waiting game, I was so stressed and feel exhausted thank goodness it’s over. I did tell him about how helpful headway have been to me and how much support I have received from you all so thanks to you all. With much Love Liz xx

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OK Liz, that's the visit out of the way but I suppose you've already replaced the 'Phew !' with more apprehension about the outcome. There's nothing you can do now to influence the result but (difficult I know) please try to put the whole business aside for the time being.

If your claim fails, an appeal will more than likely get you through. But there's every chance you'll be awarded your benefit...............I really hope so m'dear. Let us know won't you. Thinking of you, Love Cat xx

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Thanks Cat,

Your so amazing Many Many Thanks for all your support Love Liz xx


😊 x


liz what was reply to the microwave question, can you make a simple snack, could you find your way to the local shop, personal care?

i ask because the assessor wasnt listening to my answers and halved my care allowance which on appeal was upheld.


I did not get a microwave question, and my husband does not trust me in the kitchen as my tremor is so bad, which he told the assessment officer. But whatever happens the gentleman who came out was so kind. If we have to appeal we will and Age UK said they would do it for us, but hopefully that will not be needed. Thank you for taking the time to reply to me. Many Thanks Liz


I hope an appeal won't be necessary Liz but, if it comes to that, it's great to hear you'd have Age UK on board.

In the past I've had great hands-on support from CAB but, as we've seen, their involvement in benefits is really patchy nowadays depending on your area.

Have a good weekend m'dear...............x


liz i only asked my love because they tried to catch me out with that one. my wife leaves me my breakfast and a sandwich, then phones to remind me to eat and take my meds. if im distracted thats it, it could be hours before i spot my food again.

welcome to the family

steve x


I am so sorry so you did not get any allowances ?


If you did not, that’s ridiculous, and so annoying. And thanks for your reply.


This may be helpful, for some.

There has been a very recent development in PIP's mobility component, which potentially benefits those who's symptoms include severe anxiety and panic attacks ( psychological distress),outside the home.

PIP regulations were change to specifically exclude psychologal distress to read "For reasons other than psychological distress, cannot plan the route of a journey."

However the High Court recently decided these changes were unlawful.


Hi Sealiphone, thank you so much for the information. I do have panic attacks and suffer from stress which is on the medical forms which we told the PIP Officer. The worst was the wait to see the officer and now is the wait to see if I am able to claim, he said it will take four the six weeks. Again many thanks for taking the time to reply. Liz x


Hi Liz,

I had a pip assessment and it took 2 days to recover from the stress and fatigue it bought on. The assessor didn’t have the foggiest about brain injuries and the fact that swelling in the brain can cause strokes! He kept repeatedly saying aren’t u too young to have two strokes?! In the end I couldn’t handle him so I walked out and told him to do some research! He must had done his research as it came back in my favour.


Hi Jaxs, What a horrible experience, my husband was with me all the time so that did help, but you are right it’s so stressful, and I am still getting over it. At one point he asked me to stand up and stand on one leg which I did and stumble over.

But, he was extremely nice to me and seemed so understanding so it’s a waiting game now.

How long did it take you to get your news. Take Care Liz x


4 weeks in the end. I don’t understand because they had all my neuro reports yet they still wanted to humiliate me by asking loads of questions. Just felt as though he was trying to grasp at straws and try and find something!


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