Dublin walk

Dublin walk

So, we managed to ship the kids off to their Gran's and grab a four day break in Dublin.

It was fabulous, loved every minute, but, and this genuinely is a conservative estimate, we walked 40 miles, forty! Phoenix Park just outside the city centre was just too much of a lure! After the Jamesons distillery, the Guinness Storehouse, The Temple Bar, etc, etc...

I'm off to put my feet up now...

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  • Great place Dublin. I've been there a couple of times in my more able days!

  • It really is stunning, beautiful place. My second visit, but the Baroness's maiden trip. She is no longer a Dublin virgin, so to speak

  • My memory recall is defunct and I can't remember the name of the famous tea rooms which also was frequented by Van Morrison.  I did see him in there one time but everyone knew to respect his personal space and not approach him otherwise a verbal mouth full would be ejected! It was a free for all on the roads though with everyone it seemed having the right of way at any junction or roundabout etc!!

  • Great photo Andy.  It's something I always mean to do but never have...............take a trip to Ireland.  (minus the 40 mile walk though).

    I was always told I have Irish ancestors and my mum constantly sang Irish songs as she went about her chores.  Also, I was delighted when a friend went to Southern Ireland and told me that every Café or hairdresser seemed to be called 'Eileen's' !

    Glad you enjoyed it & hope you've no blisters this time.  xx 

  • Yeah, there are one or two Eileens! Seriously, if you ever get the chance to go... go! It's beautiful. Hopefully next year we might try and get to Cork, or Limerick. Gorgeous, friendly country.

    And nope, not one blister, I took old trainers :)

  • One of the songs my mum used to sing was 'Galway Bay'.......................


                                       If you ever go across the sea to Ireland,

                                       Then maybe at the closing of the day

                                       You can sit and watch the moon rise over Claddagh

                                       And watch the sun go down on Galway Bay................

    ...............and much more.

    So I've always been convinced we were of Irish descent 'cause she sung it with such emotion (whilst peeling potatoes or other such chores) and, as a child, it absolutely captivated me.  And I've always wanted to see Galway Bay ever since.

    Maybe this year ?



  • GO! You wont regret it, you have me word.

    If we had the financial means, we'd tour Eire for a couple of weeks, it really would be a dream holiday

  • It's the flying which puts me off.  I used to fly regularly with work then I started having panic attacks ; much too claustrophobic for me nowadays.

    So I might have to go by ferry ; trouble with that is it's about a 3 hour journey from Liverpool, so might drive across to Holyhead which halves the ferry time.  xx

  • Oh good grief, I couldn't sit on a boat for that long, I bloody hate the things! I'd be having my own panic attacks, so I know how you feel where flying is concerned.

    GO!! :)

  • baronc it was my wifes birthday 25march so we booked a week in nice i pushed myself everyday so as not to spoil it for her ( we usually go away in nov for our anniversay, but barbs mum passed away a week before so we cancelled ) i was knackered, but there she was waiting for me with an ice cold beer.

       glad you enjoyed your break 


  • How lovely! Sounds good, aside from your mother-in-law's passing

    Every now and again we have to push ourselves that bit more...

  • baron yep especially if the wifes at the top of the stairs with a cold one !!!

  • As I'm teetotal since the epilepsy, I'll take your word for it :)

  • Snap the teetotal rather than the epilepsy, but there are a few drinks I like the smell off still, but I stopped after the accident, so tired and wobbly I never started drinking again, I was a light drinker any way. And no desire to, love a cup of coffee though!

  • I used to partake occasionally, but to be honest, I lost the taste for alcohol a long, long time ago. I miss it not one jot now

  • baronc ex forces so always been a drinker......but obviously nowhere near the volume i used to.......actually got money in my pocket !!!

  • Steve, ex builder, so HAD always been a drinker, and a smoker :)

    Now, neither. Initially not by choice but hey, healthier and richer now!

  • I spent my 40th birthday over the water. Had the most fantastic time. Everything is clean and folks are very friendly, only thing I found odd was armed police on the streets but I suppose it's a sign of the times. Would go back in an instant! 

    So very glad you enjoyed your trip away 😊

  • It's fabulous isn't it. No litter, no graffiti, friendly folk, just bliss

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