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Hi All I thought I would let you know how I went on with my hospital appointment to see a Neurologist . It was a Registrar I saw who was very help full . I am starting a course of Metoclopramole tablets to help settle my stomach and in a few days I start a course of Amantacline tablets for the fatigue so I will keep you posted how I get on. To Cat practising copy and paste technique for texts Regards to everybody,

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Thanks for the update Comanchero. Good to know you're getting more help and please do keep us posted on how you get on with the meds !

Cat x

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Hi Commanchero. I looked up those 2 meds on drugs.com - unfortunately they are not listed, just words that looks similiar to both. Try the website for yourself, because you have the pharmaceutical leaflet with you from the boxes, don't you? Check out the list of side effects on both and also put in a comparison check between the two, and you will see if ere are any contraindications. Hope it helps you get to bottom of your symptoms.


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