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Preparation, first steps

So yesterday, in preparation for myself and the Baroness' planned charity marathon in Summer, we took the plunge and walked the equivalent of a half marathon. After all, we can't just turn up and walk 28 miles unprepared.

Fourteen miles later, I had lead for blood and a couple of blisters had reared their ugly wet heads, but, onwards and upwards. Next week, we plan on cracking the twenty mile mark...

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Good attempt Andy, let's face it. Fourteen miles !!

I know if I've been inactive for a while my feel blister after only a couple of miles !

I'm sure it's a common problem though for many people, so maybe a need for a knapsack full of Elastoplast. Sounds like you're aiming at getting your feel hardened up first ..........................cunning plan ! I hope Sharon's looking after hers too.

Let us know when you need some dosh ; it'll be a pleasure to sponsor you both.

:-/ xxx


Aww, thanks!

I have awful trouble with my feet and travel everywhere with copious amounts of plasters! My feet blistered yesterday on mile four. We stopped at a bus shelter and bandaged up, job done :) Although, the broken toe was throbbing a bit by the end. It was it's first proper workout since the coffee table incident.

Sharon's feet are fine with walking, she has no real trouble.


I just think you're both brilliant for attempting 28 miles.

Well done Andy ; keep up the training ! xx


Nah, not brilliant, we both thoroughly enjoy the walking, chatting, sightseeing, laughing.

Yesterday we saw four donkeys in a field, I mean, it doesn't get any better than that :)


WOW..............FOUR donkeys ! Now I'm beginning to 'get' the attraction of this marathon game.

Seriously, I bet it's a great atmosphere ; everyone with the same goal and a massive mix of personalities. I hope you'll get some footage of some stage of the event. xx


Aah, it's not actually an event really. It's just two people who hope to raise money out of walking until their legs fall off. We got the idea on our visit to Rutland Water when we noticed that the path around the entire circumference is 28 miles.

We just decided that we may as well raise a few quid by going back and doing the walk. Step son will by cycling with us and taking piccies at regular intervals to prove we were there. I may even post pics of my feet in gradually worsening states of disrepair :)


Can't think of anywhere I'd rather be ; I love Rutland. The Peaks used to be a haunt of mine after my divorce. Couldn't really afford the cost of holidays so would take the kids up for hill climbing & picnics.

The first time we went my 13 year old daughter complained all the way there saying 'How boring is this going to be'. :-(

We had the first of many great days and when it was time to set off home, she went all dreamy & said 'Can't we just stay forever ?' xx


Like yourself, we're converts. Peak District every time for us, as you know, until we tried Rutland last year and fell in love. It's just gorgeous. Lovely villages, beautiful scenery, what more could you want?


great stuff! even at a fast walk/march thats 4hs.

sadly I have to be bit careful walking now, though it's normally man made stuff, odd slopes/escalators that catch me out, walking down steep scree slopes on sides of mountains no problem it's what I grew up doing, but walking down broken pavements ooh now thats a challenge!

I have become a princess and pee over shoes, if they aren't just right I walk like a zombie, though no blisters etc just makes me walk poorly.

I take it you've tried different types of shoes incase some don't blister your feet?


It's a nightmare. Proper walking boots, with hiking socks and without, trainers, both cheap and expensive, eventually, they ALL get me, with no rhyme nor reason. The boots I wore on Saturday were broken in and worn many times. Now I have feet with hideous blisters and more worryingly, the arch on my left foot feels like it's fallen.

Hey ho :)



in fairness that sounds like a right pain!


I'm genuinely thinking about walking 26 miles barefoot


it's a option! I assume it's to do with being rubbed?

what about sandles or other slightly left field ideas?

what do you wear day to day? do they blister ever?


Sandles and flip-flops are right out, sadly. I walk on the outside of my heals and sandles or beachwear just end up sliding off my feet at 90 degrees.

Trainers are my best bet, but even they have been known to muller me


I've always liked trail running shoes, since the accident I use cycling trail shoes. To avoid any zombie nastiness.

I guess the problem is you can't really tell in the shop!

No chance it's something to do with how you walk etc?


Probably, I can't change it now though. My knees kill me if I change my walk. Swings and roundabouts.

I just need to be lucky and find the right trainers...


I assume you had things like physo after? I seem to remeber you hit the ground hard?

Pre physo and if I'm tired and zombie img for too long it's my hips that ache.

assume you've tried things like doc martins etc? Very few shoes I find uncomfortable, zombie like maybe, though did have some timberland boots that rubbed my heal.


Physio wont help, it's my natural gait. I've always walked like this I'm afraid. Pre and post accident


Excellent! You're dong so well! 14 miles is very far to walk!

Well done and good luck for your marathon!



Thanks, you. We're getting there slowly, in more ways than one :)



:) ๐Ÿ‘


Good for you. It sounds brilliant. I used to love being on the cells, but have only been up one since my accident. Time to give it another go, I think.

I did the cross Wales walk, in my fitter days. I wasn't fit enough Forrest though, 42 miles in a day, never again.

As Cat says please share thecdetailsvofvhow to sponsor you on here. Hope the blisters heal quickly.

Sue x


Thank you, Sue, you're most kind. As soon as we've arranged it all, I'll post the details on here.

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