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The joys of driving

Well I have got my new car and I am trying to get used to it. I say trying as a few little problems have popped up.

I decided to try and memorise myself with the controls so have been settling down at night with a good read of the maual.

Well it was worth a try. Up to now I have lost the keys ( yes they were in the fridge) which is strange as they nevrr need to leave my pocket.

I then set off and couldnt get the door mirrors out. Never fear theres always the manual........thats at the side of my bed !!!!!

This resulted in me pressing several buttons..........and diconecting my phone and several other features.

All now is sorted...why have a button near your knee ?

As for the car ...yep I am still smiling and loving it.


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Love it Pax

Once again you take the everyday things that can be so frustrating and see the humour in them.

Any chance of you doing stand up?




Hi Random.

Afraid stand up is out of the question........my legs would never take it.......niether would the audiance.

As the great song goes " always look on the bright side of life".

Keep on smiling.......let the buggers think you know something they dont.


Enjoy getting to know your chariot.


Hi Paxo,

Thank you for making me laugh on Saturday morning, the part about leaving your keys in the fridge, love it. Why do we always make the simplest of things so complicated. Have a great day. N


Well its laugh or cry as usual with me. Glad you liked it. I am not sure why I keep putting my car keys in the fridge but it keeps happening, even though with this car I dont have to take them out of my pocket. Old habits I suppose.

Spent half hour trying to lock the car. Phoned dealership for advice to be told had I left the keys inside because if so it will not lock......eerrr no even I am not that daft.

Wife then started looking guilty openrd boot and took the spare keys out of her handbag

" ooopps" she laughed.

I can get into enough bother on my own thank you. Well the dealership thought it was funny.

Have decided maybe technology is not my strong point.


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