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Could anyone tell me what is involved in a driving assessment after a head injury? In July 2012 I was involved in a serious car accident and had serious brain injury. I don't remember anything about the accident and informed DVLA and after over a year they have decided I have to have a driving assessment. The best bit is while they have taken time to decide I need an assessment I am allowed to drive. Surely if someone needs an assessment to decide if they are safe to drive they wouldn't be safe driving before it?

I have been driving a few month now and been fine but would like to know what assessments check for? Also when is it decided if I can still drive or not and if I fail will I be able to take another assessment straight away?

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  • I did mine with astley ainsley. They checked my vision ( which I failed on twice) and the reaction times and signs before you get into a car, then I had to do a drive which was scary because I didn't drive for so long and it was city driving!

    I had to do manoeuvres too but I can't remember what or how many.

    I was not allowed to drive before they ok'd it because my vision problems invalid my license and that would invalid the insurance.

    Good luck to you. It took me 3 years but it was worth sticking in aand keeping trying.

  • hope you get through OK Keely - I am also doing voluntary assessment lessons - but here in France, on a LHD car now - so I won't even attempt to answer your query, except to say to danslatete, I think I may just be stuck on the reaction times - in that I am using my eyes all the time to observe the traffic and side turnings and because the young lady who sits with me (dual control car) doesn't see me turn my head and actively do something she thinks I have not noticed road signs. Its like I'm 17 again! I now give a running commentary on what I so see stilted french - and yes have occasionally missed an X which is our crossroad sign in country lanes but its so flat here you can see everything that on the move - well I'm still here and alive and the french still drive like maniacs!

  • Hi, I had mine recently the driving assessment is really in three parts.

    There is a cognitive part which is mainly paper based which tests memory, some hazard perception and cognitive skills.

    There is a series of tests on an number of test rigs that test reaction time, spatial awareness, depth perception etc.

    Then there is a final on road assessment which is very similar to the standard driving test.

    Depending on your injuries they can also test muscle strength and your ability to steer and also different adaptations

  • its really quite easy really ask the dvla to recomend a driving tutor arrange to havce a few lessons when the instructor thinks you are ready to be assessed all you have to do is demonstrate a safe road sense reversing round a corner and parking no written test but you are required to answer verbally questions on road signs

  • I never had to do a driving assessment but driving is the one thing that seems to clarify my mind (very foggy in there most of the time) but I did go on to pass my hgv class 2 so if you still driving don't panic your concentrations probably a lot better than most!

  • My husband went through exactly the same scenario (rta-march 2012). Basically it is nothing to worry about. He went to the assessment centre, vision checked and he was initially put in a simulator which assessed how quick his reactions were to hazards etc. After that he was taken out in a dual control car with the instructor (he hadnt driven since the accident) and drove for about an hour. Fortunately he passed all the tests and a letter was sent to DVLA

    stating he was fit to drive. Not too sure about taking another one straight away would imagine you would have to wait but it is worth contacting the assessment centre as they were helpful (ours was wrightington nr wigan) Good luck

  • Hi Keeley. My daughter suffered a TBI a year ago last month. She was informed by DVLA that they had to make enquiries as to her ability to drive ie. write to her Nuerosurgeon and her GP but that she too could still drive whilst the enquiries were ongoing. The Rehab unit also arranged for an appointment for assessment. As she felt that she was still capable of driving safely I arranged for her to go out with her old driving instructor to see what he thought and to see if he thought she was still capable of driving alone. After about 15 to 20 minutes he said he had seen enough and that in his opinion there was nothing wrong with her driving. We informed DVLA and her GP what he had said. It's taken over 5 months for DVLA to respond but finally got a letter stating she can keep her licence.

  • Hi. I to suffered a tbi in August last year. I'm a hgv driver so as you can imagine my license is extremely important to me. I never drove for 3 months but after that time I felt fine to drive. I spoke to my gp in length about this and she said as long as my neurologist was told and gave me the OK to drive then that was all that was needed. Fortunately he did and I resumed driving. It was strange for the first hour but after that it just all slipped back into place. Hope this helps.

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