Has anyone any advice for DVLA driving assessment?

Hi there I have just had a letter saying I have to book an assessment and I have no idea what it involves.

My mind is racing and feeling a little panicky.

It has been so long in coming I had begun to believe I would get my licence back so it's a bit of a slap.

Any information or advice would be appreciated.

Thank you all



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  • Hi Random,

    It will be an assessment to see if your fit and able to drive. I have done a search for you and found this, it may help but its for dementia sufferers but the assessment may be similar. Don't worry I'm sure it will be fine.



  • Thanks MX

    I do think it will be OK. It was a bit of a shock and has me doubting myself.

    Thank you


  • I do it all the time, doubt myself, its a character defect of mine. Then I have to research whatever I'm unsure about in great length to reasure myself. Bi side effect. XX N

  • Hi Random.

    My assesment was a few years ago but it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be.I took it in Derby.

    Here goes what I can remember......First a medical assesment ..not to intense. Tocheck you are fit and able.

    Then a reaction test sat in a mock up car reacting to coloured lights. Followed by a pedal pressure test. I failed on clutch pedal so am limited to aitomatics.

    Then normal eyesight number plate test. Then a drive around hospital grounds including hill start . This is carried out in a car with any adaptions needed.

    Finally on the road drive given a heading to follow. I forgot the road number but when prompted that I had I simply took next exit and doubled back. Mainly I didnt panic. It didnt test driving style so dont panic over odd crossong of hands.

    Although not really judging my driving rather seeing if I was fit and safe. It can be a long tiring day but I think you can take breaks if needed between test sections.

    Just try and keep calm and use common sense. You will suceed and soon be driving around and getting lost like the rest of us.

    All the best.

    Pax x x

  • Thanks a million Pax

    As long as I CAN take breaks I should be OK.

    As long as the medical is not like a visit to the orthoptist it should be OK.



  • The medical was just running through your history.....oh apart from having to read a letter or number in the corner of the room. To check you can turn enough to check a blind spot I think.

    Remember to let them know if you need a rest. After all it will prove you are aware of your limits. I tried to brave it out.....ended up sleeping all the way home and felt drained......but I am a little pig headed at times.

    You will ace it.......Lewis Hamilton get ready for compitition .

    Pax. X x

  • Yup, what pax said sounds like what I was advised when I was going to do one. I'm sure you'll be fine random, positive thought my lovely xx

  • From the depths of my heart I love you all.

    The extended family that is the forum is such a blessing.

    There is always someone who can help and I hope I can help others too.

    Thank you.



    Have a really good Friday

  • I think we all doubt ourselves now... I know I do. Think because we have had so much to worry about that we end up worrying about everything, including things that we probably shouldn't even be worrying about! It's part of us now and our new way of life. But you sound like such a lovely person who deserves to do well...so just do your best and that will be good enough. Good luck...not that you will need it! Thinking of you lots. xx

  • Hi Random

    I have my assessment next Thursday at the GP. Bit daft really now as since I applied they have found the aneurysm which may (or may not) put the kibosh on it until treated. But I will let you know how it goes...

  • Hi,

    I'm a driving instructor and I've had to prepare a few people for the driving assessment bit after strokes, aneurysms etc.

    I can hand on heart say, it's nothing like a driving test. They're looking to see if you can simply get from A to B safely and in full control. They're looking for physical limitations and mental ability, ( danger awareness ) they also like to throw in a last minute change of mind. Eg - At the next roundabout please turn left, first exit. ( as you get closer, just before you indicate ) Oh, actually could you turn right for me instead.

    Things like that to see if your train of thought can be switched. Some people really struggle with that.

    You can get people you now to test you on stuff like that at home, start doing a task with a time limit for pressure then someone throw a spanner in the works and get you to change it, still with a time limit.

    Remember, it's not a driving test. Which you want to be grateful for, it's really hard now.

    They don't care if you cross your hands, coast a bit, slide the wheel, hold on the clutch etc etc. Can you simply control the damn car physically and mentally.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks GT500

    It does really help to know what I'm likely to face. The thing that jumps out as a problem is the changing of direction. I know I have problems with that hence 6 sets of saucepans.



  • Oops!

    Just have to let you know that when I was getting the letter out to make the phone call a leaflet dropped out.

    It tells you what to expect.

    Must check envelopes more thoroughly before flipping!!!!!.

    Once again tank you all.

    Love n hugs


  • Hi, I had a DVLA assessment for my eye sight in July if that is what you are referring to.

    It was done at a local specsavers and they do a regular eye test to make sure you can read number plates and a field of vision test which is much easier than the ones done at the eye hospitals. With the DVLA test you can use both eyes at once on the FOV test as they are only interested in what you can see not looking at measuring eye disease or problems. I passed with flying colors using both eyes at once where as if it was just my right eye I would of scored a lot lower.

    Hope that helps


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