Has anyone heard of acquired dispraxia?

Since my tbi last year I have had problems with number sequences, remembering the date and am really clumsy and walking into things. My mum has dispraxia so I know some of the symptoms and I have often joked I am turning into her since my tbi. It was recently that my counseller mentioned it to me but I had no idea about it, so I was wondering if anyone else had?

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  • my husband has dispraxia/aphasia since his tbi 15 months ago, he has the number sequence problem and reads out the wrong numbers, he knows he is doing it but cant help himself and has he worked in IT , it made it impossible for him to go back to work. He finds he has to say numbers slowly and really think about it and we joke that he is the worst person possible for a stranger to ask the time!!!balance is still an issue but he had other injuries beside the tbi so he wonders if they were from that! He started a numeracy course for adults at college in a hope to improve but we tend to think it was that bit of the brain that was damaged so its just a case of getting on with it! although he can do things like complex equations on paper and not simple sequences-the mind is a mystery so good luck

  • I also have some problems in the same vein, I bump into things, knock them over, can't pour liquids without spilling, I have some problems with numbers too , if there are 2 together I see 3 I can often transpose them too , makes pin numbers difficult and credit card numbers, I have to check and double check before I'm confident. When I was first gaining consciousness I used to chant numbers, it helped alleviate the stress, don't know why I did it but I had to, I remember apologising cos it must have driven everyone mad. One of the hospital drs asked me why I did it, but I had no answers!

  • the main reason i had to leave my job was because i couldnt get the call signs written down i would either have no idea what they had just said or id get the letters mixed and the numbers wrong, which is a little bit tricky in Air traffic. Seems it was a safety issue.

    I struggle with spelling too, sometimes i know its wrong but cant work out how to make it right, i can know how to explain a word, define it etc but for the life of me cant find the word i want. I like working in primary school because i dont have to worry too much about these things! I can use a dictionary and a calculator after all!

    I have paid for the wrong petrol pump and i have even forgotten to take the cash from a cash machine....because i was working so hard on getting the number in the correct order!

  • I'm so bad with numbers now, I can visualise them in my head, but I just can't say them. When it happens I write them in the air with my finger so I can "read" them instead.

  • There is only one number i can remember and that's because i had to give it so many times a day, every day for 12 years!! Now i have trouble with my own date of birth! and all other numbers,

    also have trouble with writing reading and spelling, and funny enough i also bump into doors walls and people, but i have been told it's my "spacial-awareness" Sliding Doors at shops are the worst and i often veer off to the right?

  • Thank you that's all really helpful! it makes me feel less odd and different!

  • reading replys im not silly numbers bad a phone number oh i walk in doors i went to try stairs i new where turnbut walke forwrd into eall didnt turn me soryothers have it i thank you im not on own

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