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Cranioplasty bone


Hi, looking for a bit of advice, my partner had a tbi in November 2015 where they did a craniotomy and then put the same bone back in, in January 2017 (orginally his surgeon told me that it should be back in within a year or they would have to put a plate in) since having the cranioplasty his the bone has started decalcifying leaving him with a 7cmx4cm hole where the bone has disappeared. Although the surgeon was fantastic in saving his life unfortunately his aftercare has been poor. Several scans and no follow ups, we are now in the process of having a second opinion. I just wondered if the decalcifying of the bone has happened to anyone else. I really do not want him to be subject to further surgery as he has come so far in 3 years.

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I am only 5 week post craniotomy and have a ‘sink hole’ in my temple. Gets more pronounced each week but informed it’s normal as where I had craniotomy.

My son had one for tbi 12 months ago & he also has one although his is on top of his head as his craniotomy further back. His you can feel as soft area on skull. His GP sent him for CT scan & all was ‘normal’ Sorry hate that word normal because obviously it’s not, perhaps expected or normal for someone post craniotomy?

I can later be referred for plastic surgery or a type of Botox filler if preferred.

Hope he continues in his recovery but of course seek medical second opinion as you say he’s come so far 👍🏼

Take care


I can email you photo to show size if you wish?

My husband had a craniotomy about the same time, in October 2015. Things looked okay afterwards, but since then, the side of his skull that was taken out has slid down a bit. The surgeon said it shouldn't cause any problems, it's just cosmetic. He was reluctant to operate again, as my husband doesn't seem to deal well with the aftereffects of surgery. The operation was supposed to be done a year after his first brain haemorrhage (in June 2014) after he had fully recovered, but he had a second haemorrhage a few days before the planned surgery, so it ended up being done as more of an emergency operaton. Not sure how much that affected the procedure itself. or the recovery.

Thank you for the replies. Yes shauns is quite big at the top towards the back but started sinking more so at the front as well. My email is so I can send photos too.

So we saw the brain surgeon last week and he was brilliant considering on previous occasions he was quite dismissive and keen to operate or scan at each appointment. However he had seemed advice from fellow colleagues and he said no need for the bone to be taken out and a plate put in unless shaun wanted it done for cosmetic reasons. He also said he is going to write a paper on Shauns cranioplasty as he has never ever come across the decalcifying of the bone. I am glad I seeked advice here first knowing others have had similar as shaun now thinks he is a celebrity in the NHS world as the surgeon told him he is unique! So you guys are unique with him too :)

He did say if he had side effects then he would operate but shaun has no issues other than hearing a buzzing sound in his head on occasions after taking his medication but the surgeon reassured us that it was tinnitus

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