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The cat is well and truly out of the bag!


I've been sitting on this for a while because I felt a bit weird about it, but I've been shortlisted as a finalist for carer of the year at the Headway National Awards.

It's started to show up in the local press:

and the Daily Mirror are doing a peice about it next week, so there's no point hiding it now!

I feel a bit weird about it because I know there are literally hundreds of other BI carers out there dealing and coping with more than I do, but it is lovely that my sister in law nominated me.

If it was up to me every BI carer would be shortlisted!!!

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and on headways main site plus social media go girl/woman/lady/person


Welł deserved about devoted, committed, loving, strong, oh! I could go on and on.....

Yes all partners of loved ones with a B.I. deserve a b....y big medal

So go girl and take one for the B.I. team "so to speak"

Best of luck and enjoy whatever the outcome 😃

Dorsetcharlie in reply to Hidden

Thank you Hannah x

Not weird Charlie, but wonderful ! A fitting accolade for a gutsy lady.

Well deserved ; I'm so pleased for you. :-/ ;-) xxx

Dorsetcharlie in reply to cat3

Thanks Cat x

How lovely - enjoy it - you certainly deserve it. Your story is inspirational. Continue to use every bit of press and publicity to bang the drum on behalf of BI and carers of those with BI. Of course, you are right you represent many devoted carers who stick around in sickness and in health with very little support or appreciation. Hurrah!

I shall do my best!

Thanks x

Well done you fully deserve it I'm sure hope you win xx

Great to hear that you are getting some recognition for the work you do.

Enjoy every deserve it.



So awesome Charlie!

Well done!! I also saw it on Facebook!!

You truly deserve it, when I look at Jake and see how he's come in the last year!

Love Debs


Fully deserved, feel proud, you have earned it.

As already been said, take one for the team of carer's everywhere x

Well done, that's great news! Xx

Brilliant news dear Charlie.


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