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Hi can anybody relate to my tremor. Since my TBI on the 6th December 2014, my tremor in both hands has been severe. I cannot hold anything without the contents spilling out. Tonight just proved a point, my husband wanted a glass of RED wine, I tryed to get it to him but most of it went on my cream chair,floor and everything else around him. He was left with half a glass of RED wine. My tinnitus is being addressed my white noise hearing aid does help, but the tremor is getting worse will that settle down or what ??????

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Please research "what vitamin deficiencies cause tremors"



Hi, thanks for your help I will check out vitamin deficiencies

Many thanks Liz 🌹


Hi LIz,

At the moment , very much so ! Urine infection has exacerbated mine.

Some info on tremors ; uptodate.com/contents/tremo...

Hope it helps, read all sections if you can.

Angela x

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Hi thanks for your reply, I have read the info .i have an essential tremor ,but it is so much worse since my TBI I shall see my GP and ask for more help

Many thanks Liz 🌹


I think you need to go and see your GP and get checked out especially as you say it has worsened. It may or may not be related to your brain injury. Some medications have a side affect of tremors - have you had any medication changes or dose increases?? It would not necessarily occur straight away so even sometime back may be relevant. There are also possible other reasons medical reasons that you have developed a tremor, some age related (don't have a clue how old you are) but the Drs would need to consider those so please do make an appointment. Does it get worse when you are under additional pressure, upsets or stress.


Hi thank you for your reply. I am 66 had the tremor for years after a slight stroke at32 but had managed very well but since my TBI it is so much worse. I do take propranolol which did help but I will check out with my GP. Many thanks for your kind reply and take care Liz 🌹


1949liz get your doc to refer you for a ct scan . explain to him how much worse your tremors have got since your tbi.

seems youve got a 2 in 1 there.

propranolol is used to treat remors and high blood pressure

please keep us informed thankyou


Thanks Steve,

I will contact my doctor and make an appointment. I did tell the doctor but because I had a slight tremor before my TBI she did not seem concerned. But now my husband will NOT let me pour hot water in case I scald myself. ( also his wine ) So thank you for your advice. I also had suffered shingles after my TBI so maybe there could be a connections ?

Thank You so much for all your wonderful encouragement and advice I am truly grateful. Liz 🌹


have a look on line liz....there are gadgets to assist you around the home.....and you never know.......one to pour hubbys wine!!!


Thanks I will look for anything to help thanks Liz 🌹


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