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Update on my audiology

I think I promised to keep you all posted with what was happening.

At 4 week follow up to explore how I was getting on with the filter I am very pleased to report that I have been using it properly.

As I said to the audiologist it has given me about an extra hour over the course of a day when I can do things. I also seem to be just beginning to learn to distinguish between the source of sounds.

The down side of the brilliant stuff has been massively annoying and making me feel sea sick tinnitus in the other ear which also has hyperaucusis.

A mould has been taken of that ear for another filter to be worn for about an hour before bed to see if it helps my brain balance sound better.

Overall its really good news.

Lovenhugs to all


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glad to read that! long may youre improvments contiue



Glad to hear there have been some steps forward - wonder if the annoying side effects could be helped with anti-seasick wristbands ? I know I've mentioned these several times to people - because they are non - pharmaceutical and might just help - used them several years ago to help with bad bppv nausea - good luck anyway ! x


Hi moo

Thanks for that. Discussed them with specialist and the audiologist and it was strongly suggested that I not use them to give my brain a chance to adjust to the new scope of things.




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