Just rang the QMC Major Trauma department and got to speak to a doctor who checked my records again and when asked if I have been diagnosed with TBI or brain injury they said no. Been told that it's only the frontal bone and left eye bones that have been fractured and are currently healing.

Not sure if a good news or not, but guess they wouldn't be lying to me as guess if it was brain injury they would have mentioned it as this hasn't been revealed by the CT scan.

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The fact that the CT scan didn't show any trauma within the brain bodes well for you, brain-injury wise. If was a brain injury it would seem to be a minor one in severity. However, I do contend that since you state that you lost consciousness for quite a considerable length of time (30 mins), that you in the very least suffered a concussion which is a type of brain injury. Perhaps you should ask your doctor if you suffered a concussion and you may get a very different answer. With brain injury, absence of evidence isn't evidence of absence, since especially minor brain injuries don't normally reveal anything on a scan, however if you're suffering from typical symptoms of nausea, vertigo, headache, lightheadedness, irritability, confusion, anxiety, memory loss, etc. they may suggest you had a type of brain injury. Doctors don't know everything, they can't read your mind, it's up to you to tell them your about your issues.


Yes, no trauma within the brain as far as the CT scan was concerned, not experiencing any vision or memory loss except the occasional lightheadedness (it gets worse the more I think about it) but it's not vertigo as the world is not spining. Wondering if I'm likely to experience any vision or memory loss problems going forward in the next weeks/months or even paralysis


what would be the long term effects of a minor brain injury if any?


You need to let go of this irrational fear Alex. It looks to me like you're suffering from PTSD and need help in overcoming that. I hate to see you stressing so much, so think of it this way :-

Many of us here have had serious brain injuries, and we're still kicking around doing stuff we did before, if not with the same enthusiasm or skill. So If that were the case for you, it wouldn't be the end of your world.

But it isn't the case. Please accept the findings of the experts and rejoice that you escaped such a horrible accident with injuries that will gradually mend for good.

As mentioned in my reply on your other thread, please get some help from your GP to get you through this difficult period xx.


For nausea the doctor recommended Prochlorpeazine 5 mg twice daily but thing is at the moment I am doing an abx cycle due the skin infection on Friday so the GP said there may be risks of some complications of taking the nausea med in connection to the antibiotic as there may be some reaction. Luckily I no longer feel nausea today so hoping better days will come and all will be good. I also returned to work on Thursday after 2 weeks off


Can I add my thoughts to Cats. I have to agree with her on this, you have had a bang to the head, you have also had a CT scan which is not showing any brain injury.

Any bang to the head will cause many of the symptoms you are experiencing, go to your GP for reassurance. You have returned to work, give yourself time to recuperate and get on with your life meanwhile, do not dwell on the what ifs.

Take care Janet x


Thank you so much for your thoughts ladies IT MEANS A LOT TO ME, I know I tend to worry a lot but then again I'm no doctor. Been stressing so much to the point where I even started to doubt "whether the CT was accurate" etc. There were times when I'd worry whether I'd go blind or whether I'd have seizures etc even if its 3 weeks later and never had any of these so far. All I can say is that I will accept the diagnosis and will try to look at this as a simple frontal bone fracture which will leave me with a scar and nothing more than that. Hopefully all will be good at the end of August once the 8 weeks will have passed as the max fax docs said. It also brings me some sort of reassurance that am being treated by max fax and not neurosurgeons as they only deal with the bones which indicates it's a bone fracture problem and nothing else.

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alexlu just get your family and friends to note any difference in mood swings aggression innapropriate behaviour etc, any signs of these straight back to your gp

good luck



Hi Steve, would it be likely that my mood will change in the coming weeks?


alexlu possibly or even over a longer period. cant remember how long it was before my said enough is enough.

she had a melt down at work got a referal to a psychiatrist and a neuro psychiatrist,

prescribed epilim as a mood stabiliser


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