Hi all, Janet here,

I'm fine, out of hospital now and nothing sinister on the MRI.

I was suffering from a viral infection which magnified my symptoms, but they looked after me well, no complaints, I'd just forgotten how you can lose the will!, sitting in a hospital bed.

So back home now, came out yesterday and raring to go, that terror I was feeling has gone.

Thanks for your support it really helped xxxx

Janet x

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  • Bet you never thought you'd welcome the idea of a nasty viral infection !

    ...............silver lining & all that ! Welcome home love. Eileen xxx

  • Thanks Eileen, what the MRI did show was that I suffer from sinusitis, this I knew, but I've never really connected it with that " funny" head of mine, but maybe that is the cause, need to see the GP now and see if we can get to the bottom of it, but not this week!!!

    Janet x

  • OK.........so I'm becoming quite familiar with sinusitis ! I saw my lovely, new GP a month ago about constant nasal and pressure issues and she gave me saline spray, antibiotic nasal cream and a moisturiser spray. She said it could take up to three months before the problems abate and, if they don't, she'll refer me to ENT.

    The saline spray works as a disinfecting wash for the sinus area and is great for relieving the pressure & clearing the passages, but it seems short-lived. Maybe over an extended period things will improve, with regular, persistent treatment.

    I've got a burning red face accompanied by nausea & palpitations right now and only just realised it's a reaction from my steroid shot on Friday. Pity, cause my kids have booked a birthday meal for me for tomorrow evening ; just have to 'tough it out' I reckon !

    Oh well, you've escaped unscathed and the sun is shining ; I'm really happy for you Janet. Lots of love to you...............and to Jenny as always, Eileen xxx

  • I used to get sinusitis annually, but the last few years I've managed to 'nip it in the bud' with sinutabs etc. Retiring from a front facing job in the DWP probably helped too. ;)

  • Hello! Welcome home, glad you're not feeling too bad now. Hoping against hope that you continue your recovery. Sending our best from the Baronial mansion

    Andy x

  • Thanks Andy, I'm like a new woman now!!

    Janet x

  • You and me both :)

  • Have you got your skirt on then today

  • Skirt and no knickers, my usual attire :D

  • 😲

  • Oh so pleased for you. Very worrying episode but at least it's now over.

    Enjoy your time at home and look on the hospital stay as a little bit of a rest.

    Look after yourself.

    Jan x

  • Thanks Jan xx

  • Great news Janet. Am so please to hear it was nothing too much xx

  • Thanks Caroline x

  • Glad to hear your home Janet, you can't beat your home environment. You can build your strength up better at home, and definitely sleep better. I hope you start to feel better x

  • Thanks Angelfish, been a good day today, the sunshine helps a lot x


  • You can't beat a bit of sunshine x

  • That's great news.... thank goodness you are ok. xx

  • Thanks Clairex

  • Oh Janet I'm so relieved ...and I bet you are too ! Pesky viruses playing games with us ! I'll bet it's good to be home - enjoy the freedom and peace ! Angela x

  • Thank you xxxx

  • Always nice to hear good news. Glad you are back on form, Janet.

  • Thank you Amal xxx

  • Ah that's great news, mind at rest now! Enjoy being home Janet, take care of yourself, sinusitis is awful, I hope you get on top of that quickly! Best wishes. x

  • Thanks Peaches x

  • so very pleased for you Janet - you must have been sick with worry.

    Brilliant news - has lifted my day.

    Kindest regards



  • Thanks so much Jules x

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