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did you try and sign into DPAC about the IDS cut backs?

Hi All, I found this on an email from DPAC (Disabled People Against Cuts) this morning, so thought I'd post it for you. if only to show I wasn't giving you false info :-)

Good luck if you are Interested.........

DPAC Membership:

Disabled people can join online as DPAC members by clicking:HERE

If you have previously tried to join as a non disabled member of DPAC-apologies- we’ve had problems with our database and details have been lost to cyberspace-to complete membership please email: mail@dpac.uk.net

we are currently updating our membership system for organisations, unions and DPOs please email us if you wish to affiliate, join or donate to DPAC

Read about Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) and our policy

DPAC Logo and Copyright Notice

Hope you are All doing well or better and the sun is shining for you as it is here in France today (:-))

Shirley xxx

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hi Shirley, i'll try later. not sure if i'm off to manchester today for all the protests at the tory conference. (google this if you like) DPAC asked for protesters to assemble outside central library at 9am today in readiness to protest at camerons closing speech., but i dont know if theyve dissipated now.. i am trying to find out what time camerons speech is , it doesnt seem to be publicised! got to fly (not literally). hope all is well...


Hi Eleanor, I think George Osbornes speech I watched on Tv as and when put into action MAY help, everything depends on Money in the pot! Councils spending their own money leaves more in the Gov pot for the NHS to my way of thinking!

I was pleased to hear todays news that UK is top of list for Health Treatment - not surprised to see France is now 10th!!! The President here, M Hollande too busy playing to the World Stage, instead of looking after his own here. Me, like other expats, am in the middle of it all, English but not able to use NHS, and l'étranger here with doctors who don't do same blood tests and just want to fill me up with drugs, most of which should not have been prescribed with a liver problem!

I battle on regardless :-) Sorry I'm off topic here. But will come back to this website, as I have plenty of questions now, but having been concentrating on Headway & Thyroid UK for both those conditions, liver was last to happen!

I wish you all well!


yes of course, ive heard that france can sometimes be not too good with health. so keep on keeping on SAMBS, and fingers crossed you'll get there

ive had health problems where ive just kept on keeping on and eventually got there, as a couple of others i know have done.. may this happen for you..

i think people sometimes dont realise how hard thyroid issues can be.. i do feel for you. i think that my mother got somewhere with the information provided on thyroid uk, but it took a little while for the information to sink in with doctors...sorry that youve got two or three things going on with health. (sorry i'm afraid i'm not knowledgeable on liver problems, but i hope they keep monitoring your LFT's)

re. financing the NHS; i dont know enough, maybe trial a different model based on another EU country. but it still should be free at the point of delivery.

re. politics we do need a right wing.. there were good things about john majors government.. i'm all for "help to buy" from this government. but, presently im quite an overt political centre left, i dont think i'm gonna go there with that, but i am sure we could agree to disagree.. just as an example re. local council austerity here; a school closure with a high proportion of special needs kids and vulnerable kids is going to be not so good. the council is 'reputedly' in inverted commas, cash starved under austerity. but the school does have a 98% A-C pass rate_. when facts and figures are dispassionately looked at as they indeed should be, it still doesnt make sense though to close the school. (an issue close to. my heart , to be fair to emote is not really a done thing in politics so i'll surely not go on.. )

getting back on topic now,

likewise SAMBS i wish you well...


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