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More writing

The story/essay/whatever you want to call it that I wrote some months ago that I posted on here subsequently made it's way onto Headways' Facebook page and was quite well received.

So, it spurred me on to write a follow up, same theme as before but carrying on where the first left off. I did initially think of piecing together all of the crap I wrote on here about the history of Lincoln/Baron Curfew and tying it all together, but realised that it was essentially cheating. So I re-read 'Sunblock' and continued it.

I guess what I want to know is if there is any call for it? Or am I dragging it out and milking the theme somewhat?

A touch of honesty please


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my mum has some published books and what not, most folks they wright for them selfs, it is in many ways a need.

But yes go for it i have enjoyed the last story and the Barron's adventures/photos etc.


Hi haven't read Sunblock Andy, but I was following the Baron :-) occasionally here and all in Lincoln! or if I did read Sunblock before, I've sorry have forgotten forgotten, but then we all do that don't we?

I 'honestly' suggest you keep on writing sunblock, and think of the Lincoln/Baron as the interlude between between the past and present story. I think it will be invaluable to you and your family over the years. a bit like putting a jigsaw together! keep taking photos also!

I also think that some time sooner rather than later, it will be stories like these that will make researchers and health professionals take the effects of Brain Imjury more seriously.

I don't want to defect your question from others, but my reason for supporting you is because I want to know 'why I had a Spontaneous aneurysm and haemorrhage for no apparent reason, followed by other seemingly unrelated health conditions before and since then.

however they are all related from birth. I can track back and am now process of putting it all together and am going to send it to my doctor, my haematologist, liver consultant, (cirrhosis not due to the 2 normal reasons. I'm being told mine is unspecified! plus I saw, T my demanded to see an Endocrinologist for my Autoimunehypothyroiditis (Hashimoto's) disease, Because I started life with an operation for a TB infected gland removal. not all paths are paved with Gold, but mine seem to lead to Rome - the light at end of the tunnel and I now know that not all my bi effects are due only to the Haemorrage. they are also due to effects on brain with or without meds and rest of my health history.

We all have different stories, so yes, honestly, please continue with your memoirs, whether just for you, or for all :-))

Shirley. xx best wishes to you and your family in your futures.


D'you know what Andy................if it's cathartic for you then go for it. And there will be many, including me, who'd like to read it.

During my divorce I wrote an essay for an A level assignment ; it was an exercise in metaphors and, therefore, perfect for getting emotions out there without giving specific details. It got top marks but, more importantly, it helped purge some of the fear and apprehension of imagining life alone with two kids.

I believe writing can be a powerful tool for emotional healing and also, as we know here, the safest and most accurate form of communicating thoughts & ideas. Go for it fella. xxx


Yes Andy, you go for it. I'm sure it's what helps you too, and I will be waiting to read it along with many others.

It's something you excel at so don't keep it under wraps.

Love Janet xx


Baron I'd be happy to read anything you write. It gives me something to look forward to after a hard day.

I really enjoy your writing, it's clear informative and written in a style that suits me very nicely thanks!

So a big thumbs up from me


I think one of the ways we can make our experience 'real' for other people is to write it down. The written word has a different power to the spoken word. When we listen, we make a decision when the word reaches us about what we want to hear. When we read, especially something written in the 1st person, we become part of the story, and the experience described translates into something that is part of our own experience - that is why when people read books sometimes they describe them as 'unputdownable' ( which surely isn't a real word, but, hey) - because they find themselves totally subsumed into the action within the story.

So yes, do carry on. What you may find is that it isn't in the end so much about the cathartic process as bringing people in to your world. And in the list of 'worlds' that people need to be brought into, for the sake of all those with BI out there, this one needs to come racing up the list. I mean, what benefit is there to the world learning about gangsters, courtesy of Martina Cole?😞


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