Back on the writing treadmill

Wrote my first piece for some time (aside from our resident photographers biography :)) and entered a BBC writing competition. And thus a 2000 word saga was concocted with a heavy brain injury theme. I'd love to post it here but it needs to be seen by the Beeb first.

Wish me luck and if you fancy a read I'll happily private message it to you


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  • Yes please Andy I would like to read it and just remembered I meant to try and get a copy of the book you wrote.

    Well done and fingers crossed for success in the competition


  • Thanks Caroline, much appreciated! Sent you the story....

  • Andy it's brilliant. I love it. But it made me cry as clearly hit spot on my sensitivity and connection with BI. I was so surprised when the tears suddenly just freely started rolling down my cheeks! Think I am still stuck somewhere in the middle of your story and still have a journey to travel.

    Thank you for sharing it.

    Caroline x

  • Aww! thanks so much. I'm sorry I made you weep, but also a tiny bit chuffed that it hit the spot, so to speak!

    Thanks again


  • I consider the making me weep to be a healthy helping thing as expressing a little of those angry grieving emotions that get locked inside and probably exacerbate my reactive anger. So no sorrys needed cos it all thanks from me. In our world of misunderstanding the meeting with some understanding is a key to open things up to be able to rummage through and toss out what's not needed to then be able to identify the positive stuff a bit more clearly. I think you hit a spot that nudges me along a little on that jumbled journey. x

  • Good luck Andy, hope to be reading it soon xx Janet

  • Thanks Janet. I hope you are too!!

  • Me too please Andy !! :-/

  • Always looking forward to new reading material, I wish I had the talent that you have. I'm glad you can use it to get the real story of BI.

  • Would love to read it please... Did not know the Beeb still did the comps , thought they closed the writers room some time back...but clearly not since I see it is still alive and kicking

  • And me please :)

  • Would be much obliged if you could send me a copy too,thanks, Andy : )

  • Please send a copy for me :)

  • Hello Andy I'd love to read it if you don't mind PM ing to me pls.

    I heard a piece written for a European competition read by the author last year at a conference on the condition that caused my BI.

    It won and was on the subject of living with a chronic illness but was very positive and was talking about how you need to help yourself and work with the medics not rely i them entirely

    Her name I just thought of is Mette Tofft if you want to google or I can fish out what I have?

    Best Wishes


  • Thanks for sending it across Andy...Good Luck in the competition.

  • Hi Andy, could I have a copy please? K

  • Hi Andy, its amazing, got to be a winner, just like you! Good Luck.K

  • Aw, bless ya! Thank you very much indeed!

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