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hospital appointment

Hi All Just a few lines about my hospital appointment I finally got one after a 12 month wait went to see the neurologist last week I am now keeping a sleep diary to help with this question of fatigue I am due to go back after about 2 months to see if it shows any patterns which might account for my fatigue if anything positive comes from this I don,t know I can only hope for the best. All the very best to everybody.

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Progress, good stuff!

My sleep diary would be as follows.

'Slept all night. Could sleep all day'.

Job done :)


Yep - that would be about mine too ! But have been better since I have been more strict with myself about phone/internet time within an hour of bedtime ( often 9pm at the mo ) and trying to get some exercise during the day - be that just a stroll, swim or yoga/badminton ....

Have to work for now - but can't wait to crawl back into bed !


Hi. That sounds a good idea, I'm glad that you finally got your appointment with your neurologist. Can you please let me know how things go with the diary ?? Fatigue is a continuing problem with me as well.


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