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Left front global damage, right arm and leg weakness and pain

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Hi dear forum users

Please can you help me and tell me of your experiences if any of you have had front lobal damage and then had pain and weakness in limbs. Very frustrating !

Thank you.


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If this is a new problem that has recently developed then I would urge you to make an apt with your GP to get checked out. Better to be safe than sorry as they say especially if it is not a problem you have had since sustaining your bi.

Thank you dear Strawberry Cream

It's been there since my BI March 28th 2015. Got MRI Scan this Wednesday and also Neuro Physic on Friday.

Wishing you well.


It's not good but it is good to hear you are not developing new symptoms!! I have frontal brain injury with dysexecutive problems and I still have balance problems 4 yrs on. I do get pain in my Achilles' tendons which makes walking difficult and painful but I don't think it is bi related. When I first start walking after being sat for a short while I shuffle along like an old lady!!!!!

I am sorry to hear that dear Strawberry Cream.

Same here - after sitting shuffling along like an older person !!!


This was my first noticeable issue when I tried to stand in hospital. I was like a baby deer with legs sprawling in all directions & simply couldn't stand. I got into trouble for trying to go it alone !

3.5 years on and I still have some weakness in my legs, although the past few years of daily walking seems to have strengthened them.

And I still have pain in my legs & feet after standing or walking but have been told by neuro-team that this is common after bi.

Hope this helps A. xx

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Hi dear Cat

thank you for replying.

Glad to hear you are better.

It is frustrating pain and weakness - I walk my dog each day - find grass and fields much easier on the legs than pavements.

I can always rely on forum members for help.

Many thanks


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I believe you're only about 4-5 months post bi ? If that's correct, there's plenty of scope for strengthening of your limbs, especially walking your pooch each day.

Arthritis contributes to my mobility quite a lot though ; have you checked out whether that could also be a problem in your case ? x

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Thank you dear Cat

Thats correct - do leg exercises each day but am sure that Neuro Physio will give me some more helpful exercises.

Have had chemo , radiotherapy and perception previously wish lowers bone density.

Thank you for your help. Ax

I suffered frontal lobe damage and have got weakness in my right hand side because of also damaging my left hemasphere. When I first had the injury 10 &1/2 years ago I did have some pain, but it went after a few years.

Lisa85 xx

Hi writer

Not sure if it helps but I have front rear and side damage on right side . And reduced to limited feeling on left side. Most of damage is pathway.

Was never told of definate link....not sure they can say for sure what is cause and effect.

Sorry if not very helpfull Pax.

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Dear Pax

I am sorry to hear of your injury.

Your reply and information is much appreciated .

Thank you and love


I had front global damage, and had paralysis all the way down your right side.

I am very fortunate in getting back to walking after a coupleof months. I still have a weakness down my right, and always feel like I'm drunk! Luckily I don't get pain here, only a feeling like after pins and needles!

My balance and coordination is not perfect, but improving all the time!

Good luck with your recovery!


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Writer52 in reply to Nutkin33

Thank you for your reply dear Nutkin,

Wishing you a happy day.


my hubby has frontal lobe damage,but luckliy no mobilty problems,i agree you should get checked out,but hubby has gained a little weight lol maybe we should get a dog

I have right fro talk lobe damage and am coming up for 2 years. Very early on my legs were like jelly, as Cat said a baby deer. When I first left hospital they were still very weak but daily walking has helped. I too had a dog, he was elderly and couldn't walk far so we walked each other. Just pottered, but it helped. I have two smaller dogs now (dear Wesley passed away a year ago). I walk them every day with my neighbour, luckily the dogs entertain themselves if and when I need a rest. Last year I was running again, but I can't do that now as my legs can't cope. It takes them a lot longer to recover from a longer walk and my right leg drags a little when I'm fatigued. I also get random pains now, like brushing but there no visible bruise. It will take time for your legs to strengthen, I vaguely remember at 3 months after BI I could only walk a few metres before having to sit down and rest. I hope in time yours will feel better too. Take care x

Hi! Is the leg dragging thing common? My left side has been weak since the accident. They put it down to a stroke, so I just sort of accepted it. Now they say it wasn't necessarily a stroke but haven't given me any other explanation and two years on my left side still drags massively when I get tired. I walked two miles a day nearly every day for over a year and it didn't make a difference. Does it ever get back to normal?

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