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History Of Lincoln iii

Within Lincoln Cathedral resides the world famous (?) Lincoln Imp. Legend has it that Satan sent two mischievous imps to cause havoc, however the bishop turned one to stone leaving it forever set within the Cathedral. The City's football team are nicknamed the 'Lincoln Imps' in honour.


In truth, nobody believes that nonsense and instead, the story told to generations of children is that the imp is a monument to the mischievous nature of Baron Curfew who resides in the City and calls it his home.

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Curfew............a Baron............really ?? I had him down as the commoner amongst you ! xx


Hush your tongue! :)

Curfew is a cat, and a lady cat at that.

Baron Curfew is a whole different entity.



Ooops ; I think I made the gender mistake once before. Please apologise to HER again for me. But the other business.................well, I don't know how I can ever forgive myself for such a ridiculous notion. :X


Baron Curfew exists! I'm here! I have a book on the shelves and everything!

Only the chosen few get to call me, 'Andy'



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